New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]


Think of it as pieces of kanji. Wanikani deconstructs kanji into smaller pieces so that you’re better able to memorize the kanji. This will be especially useful when distinguishing very similar kanji:

俊 酸 駿 唆

Notice how the left side differentiates in each kanji. Those are actual radicals on Wanikani. By knowing them as individual pieces, you’ll be able to distinguish the kanji better. Also, take into consideration that I did not use one of the most confusing list of kanji :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I just have a question about thread formats. I noticed there is a Time Read value on peoples profile cards, I was wondering what that meant since I have seen those values vary wildly within the same levels even, and I wanted to know what my value meant too.



That just represents an approximation of time spent on the forums by that user.


what do the different colored levels mean? is that a community moderator level or something?


after inspecting users in this thread, i now realize it is subscription level :smiley:


Correct :slight_smile:

White = free user (no subscription at the moment)
Blue = subscribed to monthly/yearly
Purple = lifetime subscription
Gold = level 60.
Staff = either a shield near their avatar and/or a red circle with the infinity symbol :slight_smile:


you are incredibly active in this community, I can already see why people have ac/credited their continued motivation to your diligent output!


Hi, I’m new here, I just subscribed a few hours ago after maxing level 3 and excited for what’s to come. I’m learning for a year (June 2017), N4 passer (Dec 2017), took the N3 this July and I think I passed (80-20) and I’m planning to take N2 this December. I just discovered Wanikani a few days before the July exam and have seen the warm community that I wish I have known earlier. Anyways, I don’t know where to start to post or communicate here. I read books a lot and hoping to read Japanese books a year or two from now, I am staying in Nerima, Tokyo for almost 2 months working as an Engineer and hoping to have a lot of buddies here. Thank you!

P.S. I’m extremely introverted.


Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: We’re all here to pull each other up after all :v: :wink:


Damn, those are some crazy good feats :stuck_out_tongue: Congratz and welcome to this community :v: Hope to see you around ^^

Haha, no worries! You’re not alone. My nickname from high school is “timid” and people will tell you I’m the craziest dude in here :crazy_face:


Thanks for the warm welcome! :slight_smile: Yea, I’m really excited for the results even though there is still a high chance that I might fail but anyhow, I’ll continue studying! :slight_smile:


Hello! Thank you for the post, being very new here this is most useful! :slight_smile: Looking forward to using WaniKani! :slight_smile:


Welcome! Feel free to engage in this lovely community and ask us questions if in doubt :slight_smile: We’re all here to help each other.




You just did. Hello


Hello everyone


On level 3. Two quick questions:

  1. Is it really necessary to quiz us on: 台 as in the radical, 台 as in the kanji, ~台 as in the vocab, and then also 一台、二台、五台、and 十台??

  2. Why is ぷん not an acceptable reading for 分?

  1. Well, you could argue that it helps to distinguish it from the irregular ones. Counting is notoriously difficult in Japanese, so there are a lot of these items for most counters.

  2. ぷん is a rendaku (sound change) from ふん, and rendaku are not usually considered the reading for the character. If you look up the character in a Japanese source, they won’t list ぷん.

For example

If you’re wondering why ぶん is different, it appears on its own as well, not only as rendaku. 分 with no other characters attached can be read ぶん or ふん, but 分 with no characters attached can never be ぷん.


Since when is there a shield? What does it look like? I’ve never seen it.


Also, not all staff members have the “infinity” level. Some choose to display levels at random, or test elements of this or that level. I believe Viet is constantly level 42, if I recall correctly…


CyrusS has it :slight_smile: (click on this profile - the preview doesn’t show it).

Yeah, that’s pretty much why I said and/or :v::slight_smile: