New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

Thank you!!! I was being a numpty. The first time I hit that button just happened to coincide with the first time they asked me for a reading, and I never noticed. Must pay more attention in lessons :blush::bowing_woman:


Ohhh… @Kumirei, I feel so old and irrelevant now.

You may be old, but you’re not @irrelephant



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Am I going cuckoo flipping bananas or did there used to be a massive pinned thread of really useful resources?

This one?

Do you mean the additional resources thread?


Hi everyone! I’ve just reached level 5 and that’s great. The thing is I didn’t receive one of that awesome emails from Koichi and the team. I believed I would receive it every time I level up. It was so cute and inspiring! Could you please advise me how often it will be sent in the future?

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I think you only receive those emails in the very beginning – when you’re nearing the end of the free levels (1-3) and then I think when you reach level 4, with a breakdown of what to expect as you keep leveling up

You don’t get them for every level unfortunately!

Edit: BUT, here’s to your level up @Sutego ! ^^ :tada::zero::five::tada:



Yup, that’s right. The email every level is only for the first 4 levels. After that, we let you roam wild and free :wink:

Feel free to drop us a line by email anytime, however! We’re always happy to share some words of encouragement or provide strange gifs on request.


That’s so sweet, thank you! :heart_eyes: Have a wonderful day.


Please reply to me with a strange gif!

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That’s the one, thanks! For some reason I couldn’t see it at all

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Unless you meant by email. I didn’t see a .gif request in the inbox, but if I missed it I apologize.


So I’ve done a few reviews and I’ve answered 100% of the questions correctly so how do I move on to the next lesson?

Hey Dharok! New lessons start unlocking once you’ve gotten some of those first 26 radicals to “Guru” status, which takes a cumulative four correct answers. With the spacing intervals in the SRS, it takes a couple days to get there.

Check out the FAQ for a breakdown on leveling and the SRS mechanic.

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Okay! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Happy to help! (◕‿◕)

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hello everyone!!!

Hello, jcdoc!

Welcome to WaniKani!:sparkles: Do you want to introduce yourself to the community in a new thread?