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So, new person question: Is there a script to change the SRS intervals?

My mid-term memory is super below average; My brain sheds information faster than normal, and so I have issues trying to move Kanji from Mastered to Enlightened. What I’m wondering is if there is a script that will let me see Kanji sooner and more often before moving up in each stage. Especially when it gets to the months range without seeing it. Chances are my brain’s already shed itself of those connections.

There is no way to adjust the SRS intervals, unfortunately.


Welcome and commiserations, the path from short term memory to long term can be a bumpy one and I don’t have an immediate solution to your problem.

One thing that helps me sometimes is more drilling at early stages to make sure that I really know things well, instead of sort of knowing them.

Bish bash bosh might help you here. It focuses more on new items than older ones (although when you get things wrong at any stage you can drill them here too, helpfully). Sharing in case it does!

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I think you may also be able to use the Self Study script to quiz yourself on Master level items, but it’s been a long time since I’ve used it.

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Thanks everyone! I’ll try out bishbashbosh and see if the self study script won’t help as well. Wish me luck!


you what

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Lol. Someone above you recommended I try BISHBASHBOSH

It’s just a convoluted version of the self study script

Unfamiliar with that expression? It’s British.

I don’t see an issue with similar thid party apps or scripts co-existing. In the future, one developer might abandon a project but the other could live on.

I don’t know the vast majority of expressions people use, big reason why I can’t watch shows like Breaking Bad without subtitles. I’m not even sure how or why I know english so I ain’t complaining, but if you got any tips on how to be able to watch movies and understand people better let me know.

Ahoy! I’m Jonowm, new to the WKCommunity. A few days ago I got my subscription to WK, and am excited for the long journey ahead. I figured now was as good as anytime to say hi :blush:

I’ve been learning Japanese on and off for the past four years. But my discovery of WaniKani this year has taken me leaps and bounds already.

My noob question is: I am going slowly - would you say this is this a bad thing? I’ve read a few of the very detailed, ultimate guides and they seem to have a focus on the most efficient way to move through the levels. Obviously, 60 is a lot of levels, so being smart about it make sense! But I am enjoying taking my time.
WKstats is predicting I take about a month per level. Which for 60 levels, means I’ll be here a while… but I really do want to learn and someday hit 60. Would people say I need to pick up the pace? Thanks in advance!


Welcome to WK! :crabigator:

There is no one, universal speed that is optimal, since everyone comes in with different amounts of free time, different backgrounds of Japanese studying, etc, etc. So it’s hard for us to tell you what would be best.

In my personal opinion; starting off on the slower side is always fine. It’s easy to speed up, but if you start at break-neck speeds, you’re locked into a busy review schedule for quite some time. Which can be challenging if you come to the realisation that the high speed is setting you on the path to burn-out as you get into harder and harder material.

If you can ease into a nicely diversified study schedule, I don’t see a need to. The only “downsides” I can think of going slowly is if you’re focussing just on WK. If you’re not mixing in grammar work, you can’t progress to reading.

If you do 60 months of WK without putting your Japanese through its paces at the same time, you’ll have forgotten levels 1-40 by the time you’ve finished levels 40-60. When a review is at Burn, it’s no longer repeated on WK, since WK advises and assumes you’re already reading. And I personally think you’ll go bonkers with boredom if you add your Burn sfuff to something like Anki and keep repeating it ad nauseum.

I went through WK at a speed that was noooooot fun (15 months). That’s because I wanted to get to a place of using the language asap, lest I got bored of drilling SRS and drift away before reaching that tipping point of knowing enough to read. It was sort of the right (if brutal) choice for me, but I’m STILL a bit burned out on SRS, which is no good, since I need to acquire thousands more vocab to increase my reading comfort.

So those are positives and negatives of going slow and fast, as I can think of.

And as always, this ramble has been l o n g ™.

Hope you’ll have a great time serving the crabigator tackling all the kanji. And hope to see you around on the forums!

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Some help please, really confused…

When wanikani gives you reviews, does it pull a random one out of the pile of due items, or does it give you the oldest stuff first? I ask because the Tsurukame app on my phone has so many ordering options and I don’t know which one is the default I should go with?

I’m coming back from a long break with a pile of reviews so just want to use whatever wanikani’s default is. I can’t seem to find the answer to my question anywhere despite searching the forums and FAQs for hours.

Appreciate the help!

In Tsurukame, the top option is usually the WK default. I have mine sent to random.

You can use the other options if you wish depending on how you want to structure your reviews. For example; if you’re trying to clear out a huge review pile, setting it to “Newest Available First”, you can clear out the newer kanji so it goes back in the queue before tackling older items that you may have forgotten.

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Thanks alo, that helps a lot. Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi all. I’ve just hit level 6 and had a question:

Am I supposed to get the lessons to 0 by the end of each level?

I’ve been trying to keep a steady pace of about 10-15 lessons a day and my apprentice pile hovers around 70. I get my reviews to 0 every day and can get the lessons count to drop to the 10s mid-level but by the end I’m seeing about ~50 or so lessons carry over to the next level. At the start of level 6 I was at ~120 lessons with 50 carried over from level 5.

Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance! :pray:t3:

A lot of vocab will unlock when you guru your last set of kanji, so it’s completely normal to carry over some lessons from one level to the next, as it can’t actually be avoided. The issues begin when you have more and more lessons piling up (usually when you use a reorder script, double edged sword it is), as then you will get more and more lessons and it can easily become quite overwhelming.

Take my advice, just dealt with a lesson pile of 200 after being a bit lazy with my vocab reviews, just do your vocab in order.

There was a site somewhere that given your average correct percentage gave you a number of lessons you would have to do each day to still stay on top of your game, though I don’t know the address.


Awesome thanks for the advice. I had a feeling some carry over was inevitable so I appreciate the confirmation.