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In addition to what Kumi said, you can also check them after you’re done with the review session.


I mean if you fail them consistently enough they will go back to apprentice one and you can set the self study script to tackle those as a way of banishing leeches from existence :nerd_face: it’s what I do


If I guru a kanji from level 10 before learning all the other kanji from said level, will the vocab associated with it start appearing in my lessons before I finish learning all the kanji from that level?

By the way, is there any reason the reviews don’t have meaning and reading back to back for kanji and vocab?

Yes, that is what will happen. At least for the vocab that’s on level 10. There could be more vocab to unlock at higher levels, but essentially yes. Vocab is unlocked by guru’ing all the component kanji.

It’s by design. Apparently it helps your memory more if you try to recall them separately, interleaved with other items.

If you’ve guru’d all the kanji in that vocab, it will show up.

As @jneapan mentioned, that’s interleaving. There have been some discussions on the forum regarding the merits and science behind WKs application of it, but WK does go over their reasoning in the FAQ.


I’m sure there’s an obvious answer to this, but how can I get my name to show up next to my username on this forum? Like these:

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 12.18.13 AM
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 12.18.42 AM

On Bunpro there’s a “Name” field under the Profile settings but I don’t see that on the WK community. :cold_sweat:

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What a handsome user you have there in your example. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those titles are either hand-picked sect titles given by mods (like Kumirei’s in that picutre, and for many older users). Nowadays, sect titles aren’t common because the Tofugu people seem to spend little to no time here on the forum.

My title, and those of many others, come from badges. There are special badges that were given out for WaniKani Wednesday events, or that mods give you at random for doing useful things on the forum.

I got my Officer Durtle badge for reporting a thread that was going very sideways, for example.

If you have any, you can change your title on the same screen you can choose to set or hide your level icon. Just go to your user settings here on the forum. :slight_smile:


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My reasoning for picking you (and @Kumirei of course) has been revealed! :anguished:

Thank you for the info! I understand now. I thought something like that might be the case considering all of the “Durtles” I see around here. :sweat_smile:

My profile doesn’t have the tagline option though so I don’t think I have any. Maybe I’ll get one if I spend more time around here… :nerd_face:

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Indeed. Be careful what you wish for, because if they slap one of those on you it might never disappear no matter what anyone does about it.


Sounds like the perfect excuse to sow chaos be a helpful durtle! :crabigator:

That does sound hard, James. :wink:


At least your “last name” has both “crab” and “burn” in it! The perfect last name for this forum. :crab::fire:


Is it ok to get lessons wrong on purpose so I can learn them later? or is it bad and I shouldn’t do it?
Like this

I don’t see how it would be a problem. ^^

The only thing that I can think of that would be “bad” would be to go over kanji and vocab shortly before reviews. That’d mess with what the SRS is trying to do.

You’re here to learn, and if you feel that you’re doing things in an order that benefits you, then it’s the right move, I’d say. :+1:


Are you saying you’re not ready for more lessons? … You know, you don’t have to do them just because they’re there. (there are always going to be more lessons, until you get to level 60).
If you take them on, and don’t actually know them, they come back again of course. But possibly with a whole load of other things you don’t know. Which is where the problem might lie if you end up feeling overwhelmed.
just my thought on it!

I’m afraid you completely misunderstood. I’m only doing lessons I’m comfortable with because the kanji are easy/already know from outside sources. I’m skipping the ones I’m not ready for.

I see, fair enough. It’s probably not how most people use WK, so that’s why I didn’t understand. It’s just that if you let them stack up, you’ll end up with a lot of apprentice items and consequently a lot of reviews (even if you deliberately fail those reviews) and you might find it gets a bit unwieldy, with the vocab having to be failed as well?. Lots of people keep about 100 in apprentice don’t they.

Anyway good luck with it! I didn’t mean to be a naysayer, just that you did ask for an opinion. If you’ve got to level 10 already you evidently do alright!

Hi, I just completed level 4 but I do not actually feel like I learned it well enough. Mostly the last part of level four I was struggling a lot with. Do I just keep going and I’ll get reviews for it in level 5? or can I go back?

Go on and do level 5. Not sure what exactly you struggled with, but kanji will get easier over time, once you get vocab for them, and on the off chance that you didn’t actually learn them properly, they will just come back and go back to apprentice, so don’t worry, trust in the srs.

Yesterday, I had 50 lessons and I completed them all. I did not manage to memorize most of them. Then, today I had over a hundred review items and finished it with a 73%. Which leveled me up after I completed the review. Most of what I had wrong was from the lessons yesterday. Now, I have 83 lessons available.