New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

You’re welcome! ^^

BunPro’s standard lesson order goes by JLPT level, so it’s mostly based on how far I’ve progressed through that.

I actually do not because I always find an excuse to avoid speaking to people I’m too busy. :eyes: That sounds like a pretty good excuse. I’ll go with that.

While I really wish it wasn’t the case, passive recognition and active recall are pretty different things. I cannot easily produce what I can read without difficulty.

KameSame and KaniWani (both free, user-created additions) are “reverse WK.” So you get an English prompt and you must answer with the Japanese equivalent.

The vocab SRS app Torii (PC and Android) also gives you the option of learning items both ways, to practice recognition and recall. Since it was created by a WK member, it also has a WK mode, which goes over the core 10K (10K most frequently used Japanese words) while excluding WK items, so you’re not doubling up.

For more direct application of the language to train your production, you can check out something like LangCorrect. It’s a pretty new website meant for people writing small entries in the language they are studying, to then be corrected by natives of that language.

There is also italki - a site where you can look for native Japanese tutors or teachers. I hear it can be quite affordable. ^^

And I’m sure there are some resources I’m forgetting right now. You can always glance around this thread:

The power of the crabigator! :crabigator: Great to hear!

I hope things keep going well for you, and best of luck! 頑張ろう!:muscle: