New lesson anxiety?

Seconding the advice to pick a consistent amount of lessons to learn each day, and establishing a schedule where you’re doing WK three times a day. It truly gets a lot easier to do WK every single day once you’ve established a solid habit, and doing a consistent amount of work at a consistent time of day really helps with that. You’ll eventually get to a point where you feel weird not doing your lessons each day, haha!

The other thing is what type of lessons you’re doing. Most people really like the radical lessons because they’re easier, haha. But opinions are more divided on the other types. I’ve met some folks who really hate doing kanji lessons, and other folks really hate doing vocab lessons, especially if they have a large backlog from the previous level.

If one type of lesson is really hard or unpleasant to you, I would recommend potentially trying out the lesson filter script and choosing a set number of kanji and vocab lessons to do every day (you’ll want to aim for roughly 1 kanji for every 3 vocab if you don’t want the numbers to get out of whack). If you don’t want to mess with reordering, I’ve heard that you can get a similar effect by changing the settings of WK so that it gives you lessons sorted by ascending level, then shuffled (I think this is the setting?).

The lesson filter script really helped me, and I’ve talked to loads of other people that have also enjoyed their lessons a lot more when they started doing a mix of kanji and vocab lessons instead of just doing WK’s vanilla order. So it’s something to try out if you find that you’re still having trouble motivating yourself.

Basically, my biggest tip is to aim for maximum consistency. That will make it much easier to do your reviews in the long run when you’re juggling a bunch of items at the different SRS stages, and it will make it easier to plan the rest of your life around WK since you’ll know exactly how much time WK will take you each day. If you have a consistent schedule that fits into your regular day-to-day life, you won’t have to worry about adding to your review numbers, because you’ll know that you can handle it.

If you’re worried about your workload increasing too much, you could try doing just 10 lessons each day and see how that goes (or 12 if you want to try out the lesson filter: 3 kanji and 9 vocab is a good balance). That should put you on pace to finish WK in less than three years.

If your reluctance is a matter of mindset, then maybe it would help to reframe your thinking about lessons a little? The lessons are the reason you’re here! When I do my daily batch of lessons, it feels exciting to me because I really enjoy learning new things, and I find it so satisfying to finally learn a kanji that’s in a wrestler’s name or that I’ve seen on twitter a lot. I also love learning new vocabulary that combines the kanji in really satisfying or entertaining ways. There are some words and kanji that I’m eagerly waiting to unlock, haha, even though I don’t technically need those lessons since I’m already familiar with them.

I think it’s just really helpful to learn to think about WK on a more micro scale. Instead of thinking in terms of leveling up, or eventually reaching level 60, or whatever your broader goal is beyond this program, think just in terms of what you need to accomplish each day. Instead of thinking: “well, as of this lesson, I’m one tenth of the way to being able to read 2000 kanji,” think: “wow, I can’t believe the kanji for [something] looks like this. It makes perfect sense!” The small victories are what will sustain you and keep you going, and they are what will make your lessons a joy instead of something to dread.