Somewhat new to wanikani, any tips?

Hello, fellow wanikani users. I just had a question as I’m relatively new to WK. Barely started level 4. So, what’s a good way to go about doing your reviews? For example what I do is let everything pile up and just do my reviews once a day. As of right now I have no more than 25-30 reviews per day. Or would it be better to just do your reviews as you get them? Thanks in advance for all and any tips you might have pour moi. Merci!


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First of all, welcome to the community. There’s nothing wrong with only doing your reviews once a day. Many people find it easier this way, especially those who are pressed for time. It’s obviously gonna take longer to level up this way, but that’s really of little importance anyway. So as long as you’re ok with your current pace, just keep at it.


Do your reviews 2-3 times a day. When getting a kanji to Guru, make sure you do your vocab lessons to solidify that kanji knowledge. Do around 10-20 lessons per day, but also make sure it’s not too much for your daily schedule.
Pay special attention to your Apprentice and Guru item count and slow down with lessons if you get too many reviews per day.

When doing lessons don’t rush through them - check the lesson notes, search through other resources like dictionaries to make sure you understand the lesson. This is especially true for vocab lessons.


depends on you personal preference. I tend to let them stack up and do 2 sessions in a day. Some people live by the when they’re available model, which I don’t have a problem with unless you’re literally waking up every hour to get 1 kanji done. That’s just not healthy. If you do the short bursts, I recommend a time frame (like a work schedule) and if things fall before or after that schedule, let em go until the next “shift.”


I’d agree it’s better to have one or more set study times and let them bunch up. For busy people I’d recommend getting one of the third party mobile apps to do reviews in batches when there’s down time (eg. commuting, breaks at work, waiting for classes to start). Doing them whenever they come up just results in getting scattered reviews all of the place. Kind of a pain and a task switching issue if someone actually stops to do reviews every hour.

Assuming you do N lessons every day what will happen in the future is that your daily reviews will be at minimum N * number of intervals you’ve reached (Apprentice 1 - 4, Guru 1 & 2, Master, Enlightened), higher with lower accuracy. You won’t really hit that full review workload for about 4 months, but you’ll get most of the way there in about a month and a half.

For more details check out the ultimate guide. It’s not a speedrunning guide, but speed and optimizing study strategies go hand in hand. There’s a lot of tricks in there that can make life easier even if you want to go slow.


Personally, I just let them stack up, but not as far as once per day. (Something like 2-3 per day.) Also, I don’t necessary finish the reviews, but I can do as many as hundred at a time.

About the lessons, I actually do them outside WaniKani first. Just as some say, why not vocabularies before Kanji. Nonetheless, I agree that some people may find mnemonics helpful; but then, some people say otherwise, and might be better to create some mnemonics yourself.

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for scheduling, i’d say it depends on your lifestyle.

if you’ve got a busy life with a very irregular schedule, doing reviews whenever you’ve got a few minutes might be best (and one of the smartphone apps might be your friend). if you can plan in a regular schedule for doing so, doing your reviews once per day might be more productive.

personally, i do two sessions a day: in the first i do new lessons (10 per day, i’m not in a hurry) and extra study on recent mistakes. in the second i just do reviews.

also, welcome to the forums ^^

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