I will quit WK because of the new update

If it doesn’t get turned back to the way it was before I’ll just quit. I don’t have time to mess around with this new update and edit scripts I have made and wait for other people to update theirs.

It’s actually so brain-dead that they would do this.

At least I can confidently recommend anki as the far superior option to people who ask


The new update changes the word you review after you review it???

this was just me forgetting that without the reorder script it changes the card after a fail


There’s a different thread where people offer feedback (and some requested a way to switch back to the old WK temporarily while the scripts get updated): Updates to Lessons, Reviews and Extra Study are live

Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok.


It’s really not, I’m too busy with University to spend time updating scripts I’ve made for myself.

It’s messed up


For people who do wanikani hardcore these changes are a huge hinder, imagine you are halfway writing your thesis and suddenly you have to use a non QWERTY keyboard with a layout you have never used…


Yeah I don’t disagree, WK has just become too dependent on 3rd party scripts because they won’t implement basic features like undo and lesson/review reordering. Now when they make a change that breaks popular scripts people revolt.

I’m extremely happy that I do all of my studying/review through Flaming Durtles today, I’m completely oblivious to these changes.


I personally don’t use scripts and I like the update because it’s finally made using WaniKani on mobile not a massive pain.


have you ever tried JAKEIPUU?, no need to use Wanikani mobile with that App


Will say it feels like a major kick in the nards. Literally just hit level 4 and broke out the wallet, only to wake up and find that they messed up things for the script makers. Now a bunch of the useful scripts I use aren’t working. Somewhat demotivating. Hope they decide to revert some things, at least for the script makers.


If it isn’t changed back tomorrow I’m just gonna make a program to export wk to anki…
I can’t believe they didn’t even send out an email about this beforehand


Well, probably just do. It might be the time to move on from Wanikani as well.

Emphasis on English association and meanings. Emphasis on mnemonics and its building blocks. Even for Kanji already taught in Wanikani, not enough Kanji readings, and relatedly not enough vocabularies. Confusing and not enough Kanji meanings. Perhaps not enough Kanji coverage as well.

Also, after burning a lot for a while, benefits decrease. No need to be perfect or near perfect just by system.


They announced this change well-before time with a preview of how it would look like even, to help script-writers make their changes ahead of time.


Even the UI is messed up now. It was beautiful before. And now I have this thick border all the way around the input which looks quite ugly.




This sounds absolutely lovely. I’d like to keep using Wanikani but I need an alternative if they don’t change this very soon. If you ever get around to making this please make a post (or at least email me the link : P jshacke4@uncc.edu)


I’ve made scripts to export kanji and vocabulary data if you need inspiration: Lionel Flandrin / wkanki · GitLab

I used it to make an additional Kanji drawing practice deck. The code is pretty messy but it works.

Honestly if I had to restart from scratch I’d do exactly that: pay for a year of WK or so to “pay my dues”, then slurp all the content to an Anki deck that I would customize to my liking.

I think that the super strict radical → kanji → vocab progression makes sense for early levels when you’re beginning your kanji journey, but I’m at the point where I feel needlessly constrained by it. It will teach me stuff I don’t care for at the moment while locking more useful (to me) kanji to very high levels.


Does this account for your current progress (e.g. enlightened items still won’t appear for (x) amount of time and burned items won’t be exported at all)? Sorry, never used something like this before

No, because I only used it to create a complement to WK, not replace it, so I don’t download SRS data at all, only Kanji and Vocab.

It is absolutely possible to do it though, you’ll have to download SRS data from the API: WaniKani API Reference

The WK API is pretty well made and easy to use.

Not sure how you could easily convert/feed it to Anki however. I don’t think that genanki (the lib I used) supports it, so you’d have to figure out the internal database format and write it manually.

Only getting rid of burnt items would be easy.

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Some people are so dramatic.


Usually AnkiConnect is already enough, might be as far as setSpecificValueOfCard. Don’t touch the internal use SQLite.