New fonts?

Has there been a change of fonts in the Sessions, both for the kanji and the kana input? I noticed it today but was not sure.


My font seems to have changed as well. It was normal yesterday…

Edit: I noticed if I go in incognito tab it’ll have the original font. However, for normal tabs it’s using this new font.

Edit2: For my issue, it occurs on the Brave browser when Brave shield is active. Disabling Brave shield returns to the original font. (possibly a new bug)

I always use Brave. Now I see the old fonts again.

I have been using Brave with Wanikani for months and I just now got the new font today. I really don’t like it and it’s messing with me psychologically after putting so much time Wanikani. Hopefully I can fix it.

It seems to be random whether I get the old or the new fonts.

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