Sudden switch in WaniKani Font


My WaniKani font just changed. Is this locally on my computer or did they change the font for everyone?

I did some changes to computer so that I can write directly in Japanese, that might have caused it. Anyway, I liked the old font way better and would like to change back if possible. I just wanna know if they changed it for everyone or just me, so I do not waste time troubleshooting.

Thank you

The default font seems to be the same for me. I use the Jitai font randomizer script to help learn variations on the kanji so I could be mistaken, but I’m 95% certain it’s the same.

Yes, this will be the cause.

If you’ve installed an IME, it also installs a font. WaniKani has a list of fonts (in order of precedence) that it will use if they’re present on the system and the one the IME uses is higher in that list than the default system fonts.


I think I had the same issue.
Solution in this topic:

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