Google Chrome Font Change?

Updated Google Chrome to the version below today and afterwards the kanji font all seem to be “bold” and the hiragana characters are stretched out (horizontally). Are there any font packages that may need to be reinstalled or can I force a change somehow with the Japanese font?

Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I use google chrome (in an andriod) didn’t notice anything tbh.
Edit: realized i didn’t install latest update lol.

Did you notice a change afterwards? :slight_smile:

Nothing in particular tbh

Could be related to your OS. AFAIK Chrome doesn’t bundle any fonts so there isn’t really any way for something like that to happen.

Well nothing changed on the system besides Chrome restarting. Maybe WaniKani pushed a new font pack or something.

No new Wanikani font for me. I would say it can’t be that.

This started happening to me today out of nowhere… this thick font makes me extremely uncomfortable.

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