New Feature: Friends on Wanikani

It would be awesome if you could add friends on the WaniKani App. Like, my brother has just started using the app, and I would love to be able to have a widget on my dashboard where I could see his (and anybody else I add’s) progress. It would be motivating, and I’d definitely be more encouraged to convince other people to use WaniKani.

Does anybody else think this is a good idea??


If you wish to install a script manager like tampermonkey for chrome or greasemonkey for firefox, you can then install scripts for wanikani such as the leaderboard script. I’m not actually sure if it’s been broken or not by recent updates so I’ll rely on someone else to tell me that. Let me find you a link.

Here’s a list of scripts I use:


Check several existing leaderboards:

You can start your own with leaderboard script:


Wow thank you two! I haven’t really dived into the userscript universe, so I didn’t know about these. This was exactly what I’m looking for!!

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