New bug - "you're quite the explorer, aren't you"

It’s still happening to me

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If anyone is still experiencing this issue, could you write to us at so we can properly document it?

We’ll want to know what browser and version you’re running, as well if you’re using any scripts. If you are using scripts, we’ll want to see if you still experience the issue with all scripts turned off.

If you’re not running any scripts and still having the issue, we’ll want to see a screenshot with the web inspector open set to the console tab. If that doesn’t make sense, we can provide instructions over email!


same, will send an email

I disabled the “Wanikani: Lesson and review deep click” userscript and it stop appearing for me
(Also Anki mode and Workload graph but I think that one is the culprit)

Hey @marlanbar! Thanks for bringing this up. Is anyone else using the “Wanikani: Lesson and review deep click” user script and experiencing this issue? If so, could you try turning it off as well to see if it resolves?

-Nick at WK

It appeared again :frowning:

I don’t use any userscripts, even Tampermonkey or whatever one need to have for it, but I regularly see some “shadow” 1-5 reviews right after reviewing. Refreshing the page makes it disappear. Clicking the “Review” button results in “You have no items to review right now.”

And this is how it looks like


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The main page have some refresh delay indeed.
Just after a review session I got this:
30/30 kanji, huh, shouldn’t it be level up then?

Then I refresh the page


I don’t have any scripts installed.
My best guess that this became a thing after removing stats page and redirecting directly to the main page. Because previously one had to see the stats before manually navigating to the main page, and probably this is why no one never saw its inconsistent state it have for a few seconds right after a review session.


Was this bug fixed? Since a bit ago I get a markedly different behaviour with my last review (can’t describe, how it’s different though) and even with double check I never get the bug.