When and how often do you use the Extra Study feature?

more specifically have you found a way to optimize your studies using it? (timing, volume etc…)
What’s your experience been like?


I only really use the recent mistakes function. I just run through my mistakes until I can go through them all without a mistake and without having to think about them hard (so the answer comes to me easily) five times in a row. It’s what works well for me, but YMMV :person_shrugging:


Same as matskye with the addition of using the burned card repetition once every 2 months or so. That interval will likely increase when I have more burned cards.


I just use recent mistakes first thing in the morning and as the last thing I do before bed.

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Mostly I use it to review new kanji or vocab for the current level, before they come up. I don’t want to use recent lessons, b/c I’m not interested in reviewing Kanji + Vocab + Radicals all at the same time. I’m probly most likely to use them at Apprentice 1 or Apprentice 4. Those are the two stages I’m most likely to forget.

Past that, I don’t really try to “optimize”, in a broader sense… just if I feel I need it. Writing this is making me think I should try it with some of the ones I have in Guru or Master, every so often.

Edit: I just realized OP probably means the “Recent Lessons” and “Recent Mistakes” sections. I had this user script in mind: [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz - #20 by pajn

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i run through my recent mistakes once per day.

my current WK schedule overall is:

10 lessons sometime in the afternoon, followed by recent mistakes.
1 set of reviews (ideally all, but can be less) at night.

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why do extra study when you don’t even do regular study :brain:


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