Netflix Japanese Dubs

I found this guy on youtube detailing how to switch Netflix to whatever language by creating a new profile and only selecting that language for both interface and media, and promptly tried it out… and… it actually works. Not only do you get the usual japanese OV movies and anime, but also a truckload of dubbed stuff! :exploding_head:

I subsequently spent my evening watching Star Trek: Voyager. In Japanese. Rather weird experience. (Also, japanese dub and japanese subtitles do not match up, not even close)

Highly recommended!

What’s your pick for the weirdest dubbed series? The Crown?


If I did this on my main account, my wife would murder me… but if I delete one of the extra users I have that haven’t used it in a while… hmmmm… :smiley:

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That’s why there is profiles. You just a new profile for that, no need to pollute your main viewing experience.

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I’m a new Netflix user, is there any Japanese content on Netflix you would recommend?

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Not knowing your tastes this is not easy but Tokyo Midnight Stories should appeal to a broad public.

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Right I probably should have mentioned something about my tastes. I like mysteries, historic period pieces, feel-good slice-of-life stories, and romance stories if the characters feel well defined.

I’m more interested in interpersonal relationships and cultural flavor than action scenes.

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Tokyo Diner Midnight Stories, like @sergiop mentioned, sounds like a good pick then. It’s slice of life and the episodes are short and self contained although many characters make frequent appearances.


Ah, thank you (and @sergiop) for the recommendation. I don’t usually watch food shows but the idea of recurring characters sound interesting.

Another show focussed on food, but more drama than doco, watch Kantaro the Sweet-toothed Salaryman, if you like Japanese desserts.
I also liked 100万円の女たち (Million Yen Women). For Japanese study, I recommend turning on Japanese audio narration for the hearing impaired, a tip I got from Tofugu. It’s an extra bit of language input, and easy to follow (think “a dark room. An open book on a table” style narration).

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I’m supposed to be on a diet so I don’t think I should watch a documentary about desserts! The audio narration sounds interesting though.

I thought I should mention this since this post is about Netflix. It’s been awesome being able to pause and attempt to read the sentences. I believe it fixes some subtitles on some shows but don’t quote me on that.

I’m really enjoying Samurai Gourmet. It’s a really cute and funny show about a recently retired man learning to live without responsibilities. I watch with English subtitles because I only recently began learning Japanese, but the conversations are slow with lots of breaks in between so I imagine it’s an easy one to listen to.


Back on topic…

I tried creating a new profile with only Japanese, and Voyager is still in English with no Japanese option.

edit: nevermind. forgot to vpn.

Wait, so by creating a new profile you can get japanese content the same as if you’re using a VPN just without a VPN?

Also I’m pretty sure this allows you to do the same thing without needing to create a new profile. Always get a butt ton of language options thanks to this, not sure if they all work though.

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I’m pretty sure you still need a VPN. I turned mine off and a bunch of shows disappeared and subtitles disappeared for some shows.

No. A new profile in japanese will enable additional dub/subtitle languages for the shows you can see in your region.


Seems like they already have the maximum number of profiles.

Ok, but can’t you just use Language Learning with Netflix to gain access to those dubs/subs? What’s the difference between creating a new profile for that language and just using the extension?

Tokyo midnight stories is not only about food. I would not consider it a “food porn” like Samurai gourmet or Kantaro (both on Netflix) or Kodoku no Gurume (Netflix JP not USA). “Food porn” is the genre where the plot or story is just a pretext for showing (or talking about) food.

Given your preferences, I think you would like 37 seconds (Netflix)-- it is a slice-of-life with some amount of feel-good even if it is a coming of age story of a woman with cerebral palsy, 37 Seconds - Teaser Trailer - YouTube

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or maybe just accidentally change the language preferences of one of the absentee users…

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