Netflix hack for immersion - access Japanese dubs w/o VPN

Watching some Castlevania in Japanese changed my Netflix language profile to Japanese, which then led me to discover that I could watch Seinfeld, Star Trek The Next Generation, and dozens of others shows with the Japanese dub.

I was surprised to see just how many movies and shows are available in Japanese. Seinfeld is especially great if you already know the episodes - they’re really easy to follow and there’s constant dialogue unlike a lot of other stuff (movies and anime).


Did you check to see if the dubs were available before you changed to Japanese? I’ve found netflix has a lot of stuff Japanese dubbed, not just anime. I haven’t ever changed my profile.


No but I checked after and it’s weird - when my language profile was English, the Japanese dubs weren’t available for Seinfeld at all. With the Japanese profile, I had access to Japanese stereo and 5.1 dubs.


Are you guys using paid vpn to access other countries’ netflix? I tried a few but no luck :persevere:

I’m just using regular Canadian Netflix


taking notes Interesting, as I live in Canada that seems like a viable option


Regular USA netflix here. Almost anything newish has Japanese dub for me.


Update: I turned my profile to Japanese and I am getting shows in Japanese with Japanese subs that were only english before. Excited to watch Bojack Horseman for the 3rd time!


Russian Doll dubbed in Japanese is a necessary life experience, just saying.


Ah so it’s like Groundhog Day? I watched up until she gets smacked by the car - seems good!


Thank you! I was just grumping at my husband the other day that, despite Pokemon obviously being originally in Japanese, I couldn’t get the Japanese audio on Netflix - but I see I can when I swap my profile to Japanese…because sure, why not Netflix.


Huh Netflix being Netflix doint their weird thing again. It always include Japanese dub and sub whatsover on my Netflix region. Except the one that does not have right out side of Japan. MHA for example doesn’t has Japanese subtitle in my region but it’s available when I use Japanese VPN.


Netflix usually only shows subs/dubs that are relevant, otherwise the list of available options would be gigantic for many shows. By setting your profile to Japanese that option is always shown if it’s available.

As for Japanese subs for anime, this a licensing thing. Unless it’s a Netflix original, Netflix will usually not have the rights to show JP subs outside of Japan.


Thanks, found it :star_struck:


Nah, I use softether VPN for free. Theres some VPN gate academic experimental relay servers for that that I use that aren’t blocked. Well, used to use.

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I was so glad when Netflix introduced separate profiles on the same account a few years ago (it kept my wife and kids from polluting my recommendations with their different likes/dislikes). But I’d only unconsciously noticed that language preferences were part of the profiles.

Anyway, I just discovered that you can create a new profile in the app (I now have “Rex” and “Rex-J”) but the “Shows & Movies Languages” settings are only available on the website. If you create a new profile, browse to, and select that profile before you watch anything, it will ask you your preferred language and have you select some shows you like to pre-seed the recommendation engine.

I’m not really a huge anime fan (seems most of the made-in-Japan content available in the US is mostly anime) and I STRONGLY prefer subtitles to dubbing usually, but for practicing my Japanese (without polluting my recommendations) I think having a separate Japanese-only profile will be incredibly helpful. I like having (almost) the entire UI in Japanese with that profile, too.

I think I’ll use the new profile to watch Japan-made content in native Japanese without subtitles, and old western-made content I know well with Japanese subtitles. And I’ll ensure my original profile is set to English-only. I mostly use Netflix for pure “no thinking” entertainment, but it’ll be nice to have the new profile for when I’m in the mood to practice my Japanese.

Very glad I happened to stumble across this thread!


Glad you and some others found this information useful!

This is brilliant, thank you! Watching the Queen’s Gambit now in Japanese with English subtitles.


If anyone wants to download the subtitles to later read some passages, I’d suggest this Tamper Monkey extension Netflix - subtitle downloader I tested it using Chrome not sure if it works well with other browsers. By default it will download all subtitles but there is an option to select language, for Japanese, I think that either ja or ja[cc] (if the original audio is japanese) should be entered.


Wow very cool thanks. Knowing how to change these and .srt files to .txt and open them is a handy trick too.