Net speak・ドン勝ち

The gamers of you will know the video game PUGB. The game is also very popular in South-East Asia and I’ve been viewing Japanese streamers play for a week. Now the question is, many of them add the word 「ドン」 in front of 「勝ち」 to make 「ドン勝ち」 and I’ve no idea where does this ドン come from. I assume it’s Net Speak. Anyone could help me understand what does it convey?

Could it be a hammer (トンカチ) related pun? Like in Kamen Rider? XD

Or maybe ドン as in the epic One Piece sound? Do it with a don?

Or maybe not everything is anime and I need to stop ._.


Japan is all about anime references, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

As far as I can tell from this site

Original explanation (Japanese)





Apparently it’s part of the phrase 「勝った!勝った!ドン勝!」which is equivalent to the American “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” It plays on 勝 (かつ) and カツ丼 (かつどん). As to why it’s reversed, this tweet was included after the explanation (the Japanese below it is basically explaining the content of the tweet):

And then I guess it has been shortened and nominalized to 「ドン勝ち」。


Yes! It’s exactly what I was looking for! Once again, thank you for your enhanced searching skill.

This also isn’t exclusive to the internet, but Katsudon is related to a lot of “jokes” or puns or zokugo-s about “winning”.


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