Need help with Grammar resources

Hey guys, I just started with Wanikani and do not have much under my belt, despite this, I like to plan ahead and when I do have a lot of vocabulary, I would love to start grammar right away, so if you guys could post some good (preferably free) japanese grammar resources that would be great.

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Bunpro (Not free)
Bunpo (free?. Haven’t used it)

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A good place to start is probably Tae Kim’s Grammar Guide (link to pdf)

There’s also lots of Youtube channels covering grammar, I think Japanese Ammo with Misa has fairly detailed videos on basic grammar, so you might want to check out her channel.


Thank you guys, I really appreciate it!

Also there is Tae Kims website: in case it suits you more than a pdf.


I second Bunpro. The way the website works is it compiles free grammar sources into tidy lessons complete with example sentence SRS based reviews. Try the free subscription and you’ll find some of the best places to go for free material. If you like the program you can keep the monthly subscription and if you don’t, at least you were introduced to some of the best organized grammar products that are scattered on the internet.

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I like Bunpo.

(Note that there are two different grammar apps - one called bunpro and another called bunpo. )

I’ve tried them both, but have gotten more use out of Bunpo. It is a free app that you can install on iPhone. (Not sure whether or not they have an Android version.


Note that Bunpo is only half free. You need to pay to access the other half (plus some extra features like SRS).
They have an Android app as well, but it’s even more of a work in progress. Only a few lessons are in there and no extra features. (Well, last time I checked; they may have updated recently)


For free stuff you can’t go wrong with Tae Kim + Japanese Ammo (or Organic Japanese w/ cure dolly) !

I also suggest looking for the ultimate resources list on the resources part of the forum, as there are lot of other free stuff like reading and listening material that you might want to check out later too.

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Japanese Ammo with Misa is my personal favorite for grammar resources. She has detailed explanations starting with basic grammar as well as some intermediate grammar.

I second what others have said about Bunpro, Bunpo, and Tae Kim. Cure Dolly is also a great resource, although her style of content might take some…getting used to.
Cure Dolly :point_right:

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If you want quality, you have to pay. Asking for free grammar resources that are useful for a beginner is like asking for free food to be fresh lobster. Knuckle down and pay for something.

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Lots of awesome free grammar resources have already been linked here. So why pay when you can try out free stuff first? You can still buy other resources later if you find yourself lacking in some areas.


Yeah, I mean, depending on where you live you can totally fish for lobster, it just takes a little more work

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Are you just starting out? Get Genki I and its workbook. (It’s not perfect, and definitely not free, but still the best elementary textbook/workbook, seemingly.) IMO, the big problem with all the free online sites is that there’s no drilling/testing, and their structure can make planning daily self-study difficult. Though they’re good for seeing if you’re interested in the language and double-checking points.

I feel the same way about BunPro–better as review than as a primary learning source, but to each their own. Having a routine, a good note-taking system, and a way to check your progress are ultimately going to matter more than what exactly you go with.

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