Where to learn grammar

Hello. I have invested a great deal of effort into Japanese grammar; I have yet to understand any remotely complex sentence, written in Japanese. Would there happen to be any great resources I could use, besides Bunpro?


By great deal of effort do you mean you were srs’ing bunpro?

Did you look up all the extra sources bunpro links to?

I have looked at the sources. And completed the N4 grammar, nearly done with N3.

Bunpro is the best resource I have seen as far as SRS. Tae Kim is good though as well as Japanese Amo and Yuku Sensei on YouTube. Japanese Amo’s videos are lengthy and in depth though the topics tend to vary. Yuko Sensei videos are more shorter samples to get you to buy her crazy priced courses though I still find them useful. Textbooks also work well for some people.


To be honest. I am kinda lost too(haven’t completed N5 grammer i believe). So i am doing right now. Is to read tae kim grammer guide. Even though i won’t memorize/acquire everything first time. That why i will keep rereading it(lol)

A resource that’s been immensely useful to me is the “Cure Dolly” YouTube channel.

She explains Japanese Grammar in a way that makes sense, not in a way that sounds natural in English and I think that that’s key to understanding any language.

For example すし好きです
does NOT mean “I like sushi” but rather something like “Sushi is likeable.” So “Sushi” is the subject, the actor of the action of being likeable, and that’s why it’s marked with .


Try our channel, if you have some spare time! we try to answer the gap between Textbooks and real life Japanese! Maybe it can help :see_no_evil:/
Please tell us what you would like to know!!

Otherwise I will tell you to read children books !

My favorite textbook (and I did a lot) was this one https://www.amazon.co.jp/INTEGRATED-APPROACH-INTERMEDIATE-JAPANESE-Revised/dp/4789013073

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I’ve heard a lot of people recommend Tae Kim for beginner-level grammar (available for free online), or the Genki textbooks for intermediate through advanced level grammar. I also really like the YouTube channel “Japanese Ammo with Misa”. She has around 100 free videos on Japanese grammar that are accessible to learners of any level.

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Textbooks work for me. みんあの日本 is my current book.

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You were faster than me, but I also wanted to recommend Dolly :wink: .

Their videos are one of the greatest resources available on-line. Besides, they make you see that the Japanese grammar is really easy if you understand it correctly.

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Sambonjuku’s Youtube Channel is pretty good: He speaks clearly and is quite easy to understand. He has grammar lessons as well as everyday stuff. The best part is that it’s all in Japanese. I would recommend you turn on subtitles and ignore the english ones. It really helped my reading and listening:


It might make sense to practice with the thing you’re having trouble with: reading long sentences. Have a look at the Book Clubs, they helped me immensely with understanding longer sentences (the kind of long sentences you don’t see much in textbooks).

I just found this series of videos on translating the first episode of the original Sailor Moon. It’s really helpful for the contractions and way of talking used in anime:

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Thanks for the suggestion, I really like how he explains grammar points.

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Check out https://imabi.net/ if you haven’t already. It has very detailed explanations. One of the best, if not the best source out there.

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Aye. :smiley:

I’ve found it especially good for learning how to talk about grammar itself. After watching a few videos, I doubt I’ll ever forget the meaning of 形容詞 動詞 自動車 他動詞 名詞 例えば 言葉 意味は

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