Nihongo no mori videos missing?


Is anyone able to watch the JLPT N2 grammar video (with Yuki-sensei) from Nihongo-no-mori? I can’t seem to find them :(.


Is it these?

Sorry, I don’t know the names of the teachers to know if it’s Yuki-sensei or not…


Thank you! However, that is a different teacher (Already finished her video :slight_smile: ). They had a more recent series that I wanted to watch for more example sentences and such.


I’m a fan of Yuki-sensei too! I was disappointed to see the grammar videos taken down.:pensive:
But all is not lost It seems our dear Yuki-sensei has started a new video series recently on Riki Nihongo Official Channel. There are only 2 videos for now, but she plans to make 50 to cover a hundred n2 grammar points :
N2 grammar Yuki sensei New Series playlist

Edit : Announcement from Yuki Sensei.
Starting from lesson 11 onwards, the grammar videos are now shorter.
Longer versions, with more detail will be uploaded on a new channel called Riki Nihongo Dayo.


Good find! Thank you. :slight_smile:


There’s been a reddit thread about it, they presumably removed them due to change of ownership or something. Some internet person also archived almost all of the videos. Might wanna dig around there.


If it’s the example sentences you want, I made an Anki deck of the series.


Nice! Thank you :slight_smile:

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That’s Takepan-sensei. I prefer her style of teaching though. I crammed that whole playlist a couple of times before taking the N2 and got an almost perfect score (correlation may or may not equal causation).


I like the disclosure in here. So very… legalese…

:nerd_face: inspectatoro :steam_locomotive:

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How did you cram it? I had difficulties cramming and did not get a perfect score lol

So this is a new youtube account with jlpt videos?

Very interesting. I always liked nihongonomori but I hadn’t finished yuki sensei’s videos yet so now my notebook will have a few incomplete pages forever lol

I realized the account is vietnamese sadness. I will just be watching yuki’s playlist then

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I just wasted a whole few days doing nothing but watch those youtube videos :rofl:. Part of the time I wasn’t even paying attention but I was hoping my brain would somehow still absorb it. When I went to sleep I even kept the playlist on, hoping I’d learn in my sleep even :rofl:

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?? how did you do so well after that!! You’re a genius!! (or you really did absorb everything in your sleep??) :rofl:

I tried to pay attention but I couldn’t get that much into my head and many items confused me. How did you distinguish between items with similar grammatical functions?

There was also a lot of guesswork that worked out well, I was also doing practice exams with my teacher, I’m sure that helped as well. I was also watching a lot of anime at the time, but I’m not sure that helped as much when you consider my listening score :man_shrugging: . IDK really, if I’m confused about multiple options I try to do an elimination first and it usually works out. Listening seems to be my weakness though.
In case you’re curious…

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I feel like you just built a really nice, solid understanding of grammar in general somehow!! I’ve been having lots of trouble with it, which is why I asked. Your score is so good, I can’t even dream of a score like that right now! I hope that in some time I am as familiar with grammar as you are. Even if I do elimination I still get only 25% right :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(The most educative anime has to have been gintama)

It certainly did educate me in 下ネタs :rofl:


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