My Swiftkey swipe T9 keyboard changed

I have no clue what I did or whether this is an update, but my swipe keyboard went from this (left side)

To this

For some reason the small いうえお kana around the あ kana have disappeared. I am a definitely still quite bad at this, so I’m wondering whether someone knows how to get it back. Please help! :sob:


I have no experience with SwiftKey. But to be honest this might be good training. The version you have now is in line with the normal keyboards on iOS and Android that almost everyone in Japan uses nowadays.

The pattern is easy:

   u           ku
i  a  e     ki ka ke
   o           ko


except for the わ key which is:

wo  wa  -

I understand, it just feels like someone took off my training wheels while I haven’t yet learned to cycle.

At least it is aiueo clockwise :man_shrugging:


Your theme looks like it changed. Some themes have the little kana guides and some don’t. Tap the little palette icon at the top to go through the themes and see if a different theme has the kana.

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I got the other image of the internet, I’m pretty sure my theme hasn’t changed but I’ll try anyway

Edit: doesn’t seem to have an effect :cry:


Sometimes the colored themes have the guides, but it’s kind of random as to which ones have them.
Otherwise, it might just be a weird update then :confused: I installed Swiftkey on my iPad and it didn’t have the guides no matter which theme I used. Unless there’s something else in settings?

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If you need help finding the small/dakuten kana look no further than the bottom left key! :wink:

It’s exactly like the native iOS keyboard as mentioned above!

I’m guessing it’s harder to get used to this change if you used to tap the keys rather than swipe in a particular direction?

Mine changed too. It’s definitely taking some getting used to, but it’s cleaner so I prefer it.


This is stupid!!!




(ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻




Actually, it just looks cleaner. All the keys are in the same places.

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Mine did too and I hate it! I’m sure it is better for me to learn in the long run, but I liked the shortcuts.


Looks like you’re on Android. Maybe give the Google Japanese keyboard a chance? This is what it looks like for me:

Link here:

I’ve got Gboard and have the same problem as op, what did I do wrong ಥ_ಥ

If you wanna try on iOS how do you download it etc? I really wanna try the swiftkey thing to see if I can get on with it.

What I linked is not Gboard - it’s a different Google keyboard. Check my link to confirm whether it’s what you have installed.

Some people mentioned here how to memorize it, and the easy patterns they follow, so I’d say just learn off of those without any assistance. I’m sure it’s just like learning to type in English without looking at a keyboard- after a bit of practice you’ll get used to it in no time. I’ve been delaying using that style of keyboard myself, but I should probably do the deep dive into it for when it comes up irl.

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In fact, this post just gave me inspiration to try using that keyboard. I’ve now officially deleted the QWERTY romaji keyboard from my phone. Time to struggle
( *`ω´)

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