Best Japanese keyboard

I’m looking for a keyboard that will let me type like wani kani does and can possibly switch back to English. The one I have now doesnt tyoe near as smooth which sucks. Any suggestions?

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I’d recommend just buying a keyboard that works best for you, then simply installing an IME.

[Edit:] Oh, I edited the typo in the title, too…

…Maybe don’t search ‘Jaoanese’ into google.


Aye. Before you go all-out looking for a keyboard with kana printed on the keys, please be aware that most Japanese people use romaji entry on computers rather than kana entry. It’s simpler all round.

Phones are another matter (generally the flick keyboard is used there).


I meant a phone keyboard. Sorry I wasnt clear. Is flick the name of the app?

Edit. I was hoping for a keyboard where I type in Romano and it translates to hiragana and kanji like what wanikani uses

I’m using SwiftKey. It’s pretty good. You can switch between Japanese and English by swiping the space key so it’s very easy to switch from one to the other, and the autocorrect is pretty good too.


At least on my iPod (when I had it), you just changed the input language to Japanese, after adding it to the system, and you were able to do either the flick keyboard, or the romaji input. :slight_smile:


The Google keyboard for Android does what you want! There’s also handwriting input for kanji you don’t know the reading of!


I am in love with swift key. This is exactly what I was wanting. a りがとうございます


Glad to hear it :+1: :grin:

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I use apple’s default kana keyboard.


Huh, how do you do the handwriting input?

To be honest I can’t quite remember the exact steps for downloading it :sweat_smile: I think you download either the handwriting input or the Japanese input from the app store (can’t remember which one, sorry):

From there, it should be possible to select which keyboards you want to enable in the keybord settings. You can select from flick, querty, and/or handwriting:

Hope that helps. You may have to explore around the settings a little bit to figure out exactly where to go, sorry.


Ah, okay, I’ve used Gboard’s built in Japanese support before, I dont know if it can handwrite by itself, or if I need separate handwriting app.

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you may be in love with swift key, but swift key doesn’t appear to be in love with あ

Whaaaaaat I’ve been using SwiftKey for like 6 years and didn’t realise you could do this. I’ve been switching to the Google Keyboard for Japanese like a dweeb this whole time.

Just downloaded the Japanese language for Swiftkey and it has changed my life.

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I used to do that too, but SwiftKey added Japanese a couple of years ago and I’ve been using it since. You can also choose between qwerty and flick layouts so if you’re used to one over the other its pretty helpful.

Ah that makes sense. I feel better about not realising this now.

I’m so used to the flick layout now that it would be hard to change.

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