My strategy so far and how It will drive me crazy in the next months

Hello everyone!!

Up to now I’ve been trying to keep up a pace of 8 days per level, to do this I do 30 lessons at a time (I figured is the largest batch I can manage in one sitting) and get two reviews (4 and 8 hours later) out of these lessons before getting another batch.
I do Radicals and Kanji Lessons first, then move to the Vocabulary, the reviews I do them as they come This method gave me two or three days of heavy reviewing and a day to “Rest” before New lessons came (Because of a new level or because of radicals and Kanji getting gurued). And 8 days total for all of the items in that level.

But now everything’s changed, For levels 46, 47 and 49 to 60 the radicals are very few and the Kanji too many so you can Change level by Guruing the radicals and Kanji that you get from the level up.
This means 4 day leveling, but in practice I end up doing 5 or 6 days, because of my 30 batch rule. But it also means I will be getting >200 reviews per day because all the new reviews, still I hope to reach level 60 by mid July, and by December having everything burned.

I hope to be able to keep up with this pace, what strategies have you taken in these final, “shorter” levels?

Consider reading this thread that is on the same subject. But according to what I remember from other topics as well. Most user that were doing a 4 days level up considered Day 1. Kanji and then spread vocabulary over Day 2 - 4, rinse and repeat.

Good luck for the final stretch, don’t lose hope and have fun on the forum. May I one day reach such heights in WaniKani :crabigator:

I used the lesson reorder script, one day all kanji, one day all vocabulary, no excuses.
Usually I did vocabulary first because it’s easier.

The last levels I would usually level up around friday and had the weekends to complete all my lessons.
It worked fairly well. Somedays I had 400+ review batches but it worked fine. Just take a break at halfpoint and resume later.

Good Luck!

Currently I drill next level about 3-4 days before level up.

  1. Ignore radical names
  2. Drill kanji names
  3. Touch very little on “emphasized” kanji readings (just to pass my eyes)
  4. Drill vocab on EN->JP
  5. Return to drilling “emphasized” kanji readings
  • I also do Kanji writing at this time.
  1. Wait for the lessons to appear on WaniKani to drill vocab on JP->EN

I use Anki, but I guess Self-study by Rfindley can also do the same.

I drill in a batch of 25 on Anki to make a round number of 50’s or 100’s.

Given your 30 batch rule, you will end up doing 30 reviews every day just because leveling and kanji guru unlocks more lessons :slight_smile:

Personally, I did do the <4 day level-ups, it gets intense lol as Shudouken said, 400+ reviews in 24 hours was a sight I saw on my dashboard. I do reviews, but it doesn’t go down!

So yeah, I think the more days you add per level makes it much more manageable xD, but for me, my drive to get to 60 was great enough to gun for it lol.

I’ll reiterate my answer from this thread:

(Note that this can potentially be done in half a week, but in practice took me four days, sometimes six)
Day 1 (start): New level: All radicals and kanji lessons.
Day 1 (4 hours later): Fail a bunch of those kanji. This is why it takes four days :slight_smile:
Day 2: 30-40 Vocab lessons.
Day 3: 30-40 Vocab lessons.
Day 4: All the remaining (usually 30-40) vocab lessons.
Repeat from day 1 if next level unlocked, else just chill out with reviews until it is.

I think it’s a good idea to be more flexible when it comes to lesson batching. Otherwise you might be in for a nasty surprise come day 4. I felt that 40 vocab was pretty doable since many of them are standard readings with meanings that make sense from the kanji, meaning I didn’t need to read the explanations.

Be forewarned that my “next day” count was usually hovering around 400 items.

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