My older brother's credit card got hacked

Ok, so, i asked my older brother to use his credit card to pay me WaniKani and he did, and after a few months (now) he told me his credit card got hacked or something and he blamed that it was WaniKani’s fault and because of that he won’t pay it for me anymore. It’s not WaniKani’s fault, right?

Innocent until proven guilty

I know pretty much nothing on how a credit card or account might be compromised, but for a serious question like that, it’s probably best to email them directly at so that they can potentially check on their side if anything is seen to be compromised.


ok, thanks for your help. but sadly he will still not keep paying for it anymore

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Our office credit card got hacked the day after one of the employees took it to one of the nearby shops to buy something for the office. Trouble is, I can’t really tell if that’s a coincidence or not until it happens twice, but honestly, I rather suspect that shop’s readers have been hacked. Or the card got skimmed in his pocket en route.

(Honestly, the more convenient they make credit cards - pay ‘n’ wave and so forth - the less secure they get, and it drives me nuts that noone seems to have noticed.)

Anyway, point is, if WaniKani’s credit card records were insecure, I’d expect misuse to happen straight away, not after a few months. And it’d happen to other people. Methinks elder brother is deflecting blame - “it must be the one thing that you are responsible for, not one of the dozen things that I do with it every week”.


Anything’s possible (not that Koichi stole the data, but man in the middle attacks, whoever their processor is got hacked, etc), but its more likely the card got skimmed somewhere. Card skimmers at gas stations are popular. Better tell him to stop paying at the pump. But… Cashier could be skimming info. He better just pay for everything with cash.

Someone once stole my credit card info years ago. Bought some Dr Suess Books, a ‘How To Sell On Ebay’ instructional video, and some other garbage.


I don’t understand too much, but he HAS to be able to get more information on the how or why his information got stolen. HE needs to contact his credit card company. As long as he’s on top of contacting the right people at the right time, he’ll never be at fault or responsible for any money stolen.

Someone informed about this type of stuff will probably provide some better insight soon.


Hey, it’s possible


he made another credit card and managed to get all of his money there, but he still thinks it’s WaniKani’s fault because “oh it’s a website, websites on the internet are all dangerous, and because i don’t know english all of english websites are 100% dangerous”


Is your older brother in his 80s?


he’s around 23. from what he said i think he is ignorant and barely uses the internet for anything


I’m not sure what we can do to help you though D:

Would you be able to pay yourself if it wasn’t via credit card? If you get in contact with them directly I believe it’s possible to set up payment via PayPal or something similar.

i’m sadly not old enough to have a debit, credit card nor paypal

If your brother already has paypal, he might feel more comfortable paying via that?

Really not sure what we can do, other than tell you “well I haven’t been hacked”.


How about a different older relative or friend who would do it for you?

he’s the only one who has a debit and credit card in the family…

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He’s probably also under the false assumption in person is safe then too.
A shady cashier, or a hidden card skimmer (gas pump/atm/etc) are more likely to steal your information than the internet. So easy for cashier to use a skimmer, or just write it down, when you’re not looking.


but i don’t think i can change his mind. he’s really stubborn. i guess i’ll have to enjoy wanikani this month as much as i can :man_shrugging:

I wonder if this would be a possibility for you?

What about pre-paid cards?#

Maybe. If you’re planning to use a prepaid/gift card make sure that 1) it has enough money on it, and 2) that you can use it both online and for recurring charges. Some prepaid cards require activation before they can be used online or for subscriptions. Make sure to check the information include on the back of the card first.


what’s the minimum age to have a pre-paid card?

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