My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK 📖 )




Omg untitled @Borx , your post is the best thing ever. The moment I noticed the name of the song was the moment I knew I had to be careful or I’d cry. It was perfect! I think that no matter how much time it passes, I’ll look back to this post and I’ll just cry smile cry of happiness! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much :heart: So happy to have to goodest of boys living just a few thousand kms from me :heart_eyes:

Here, your プレゼント!

Não, tu fofa! :durtle_love:

I couldn’t never imagine you could gain any more points from me, but as always, you give me the best surprises :heart: I mean, you even knew about Gary Vaynerchuk! Like! aaaaa :heart: And the best waifus too… :heart_eyes: Hope you’re ready to take responsibility for the fact that I won’t be able to fall asleep tonight after seeing Fukazawa Misaki!

Thanks mate <3 Get yo ass up here asap!

Thankkks! :heart_eyes:

Also, there are 3 laws in the Universe that shall remain unbroken:

  • As long as you have coffee, you’ll be happy.
  • There are never enough gifs of Kaoちゃん
  • You being on the main post was essential for its success.



Thankssss <3 Yeah I was kinda desperate in finding just a little of creativity to write the post xD Now I just wanna see you powerpunch all those levels that are left and see you up here too :v:

You don’t know how these words are important to me :heart: Thank you thank you thank you!! I’ll give my best <33333333333

Haha thanks! I might be a start, but you’re the one that shines the most :stuck_out_tongue:

Appreciate the kind words! I’ll try to have it finished by tomorrow! :slight_smile:

It definitely was! Can’t wait to see you butchering those levels too :v:

Hey, stop it :blush: I might fall in love with ya again <3 Thankssssssssssss :v:


Thanks, I need to start being better about doing my lessons though!

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Thank youuuuu :heart_eyes: :sparkles: I’m so glad that I’m able to help you move forward! Besides the flirts, we haven’t talked a lot, but I can already see how smart you are and how good of a heart you have. You got this! I know it! :sparkling_heart:

Thank you! Your words mean a lot to me! :slight_smile: Really do! You’re also so close!! 応援するよ!:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::blush: hi fives

Haha, obrigado amigo! :wink: Hope to see both you and Brazil in the finals! hehe

Here’s the thing: when people say “jp is going so faaaast” I just wanna say “I’m going fast?? What about all these people which are clearly beating my ass off!!” YOU ARE OF THOSE!

Can’t wait to see you up here too! :slight_smile::v:

Haha, that won’t happen! I know that my French mate will show to Crabigator what he’s made of!


Thanks @baka-cat ! With your typing skills, I can see you climbing to the top in an instant! :wink: 頑張れ!

No, thank you for being who you are :heart: I wouldn’t change a thing :durtle_love:

YEAH BABY! LET’S SHOW THOSE MOVES TO THE PEOPLE! :sunglasses: Thanks for the lovely race mate :slight_smile::v:

You don’t need to start with a bunch right away. Even the habit of doing 5 lessons a day can put you back on track :slight_smile: Gotta warm up before the real race! :muscle:




Congratulations, @jprspereira! It’s truly amazing to see your progress and your presence on the forums. :slight_smile: Although we didn’t chat too much directly, it was really encouraging to see your posts (I think you were probably my first reply, at least after I started to study WK seriously again, when I posted my goals). It was crazy to see your level increasing so rapidly, especially with the fast levels ahaha. I hope you feel accomplished and maintain that excitement and enthusiasm! :wink: I’m not the best with self-motivation/study, but I’m aiming for N2 this December as well, hope we can make it together! ;D
(Also, waiting eagerly for your guide!)

Get over to Japan! We’re waiting for you ~


Congratulations !!! Good work !! :tada: :tada: :tada:

I’m just starting, it’s cool to see people who have made it as it seems so far off. lol


Congrats!!! I’ve been creeping on you since I joined and am amazed how fast you went through this program… and all the other things you did on top of learning kanji, as people have mentioned above. Also, 40 days of time spent on the forum :exploding_head::laughing:

I’m very curious about “level 30 syndrome” too, seeing as I’m less than a week away from that…

Congrats again :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Well done!

When I joined WK last (Northern hemisphere) autumn, I felt very shy in the forums. Everybody seemed to know each other and the majority seemed so much younger and more computer literate than me. Well, I’m still wondering how to make a poll myself :upside_down_face:, but you have been such an inspiration for me. So friendly, helpful, and motivating, hardworking but at the same time always in a good mood.

I’m looking forward to still seeing you around and I’m convinced you’ll make it to Japan in the very near future. おめでとう :champagne::champagne::champagne:


holy cow JP those stats! and with a legendary 3 day 9 hour level no less!

feels like just yesterday we were 8 levels apart and discussing which leeches in the hell levels were the most painful; you caught up so fast!

i’m not even done with level 60 yet myself XD it took me 2 weeks to recover from doing level 59 at max pace alone…

how about a race to 0 lessons 0 reviews 0 apprentice? it might be close…


Congrats on your accomplishment, JP!! As impressive as your work ethic has been, in the time I’ve been here, the thing that’s really stood out to me is the overwhelming positivity and encouragement you bring to every conversation. There are lots of people out there who work hard to better themselves, but it’s pretty rare to meet someone who makes such an effort to pull up everyone else alongside him.

I hope you’ll continue to bring that attitude and drive with you as you get older and face new challenges. Best of luck – I’m looking forward to seeing what other great things you’ll accomplish! :slight_smile:


Congrats @jprspereira! Looking forward to seeing you fill out your Ultimate Guide. Don’t keep me in suspense too long to find out what level 30 syndrome is.

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Congrats @jprspereira! It was fun watching you catch up and then fly right past me! :joy:

I am curious though, going at the speed you did, did you rack up a lot of leeches?


It’s a mid-life crisis, innit? You go out and buy yourself a new スポーツカー and so forth.



:tada::heart::sparkles: Congratulations, JP!!I :sparkles::heart::tada:


I remember finally being active around the forums last October and you were only level 31 or something, now look at you!! cries I’m so proud. I already knew that you were the kind of person that when they set a goal, they actually go out there and do whatever it takes to achieve it, but after seeing your stats, I got more proof that I wasn’t even asking for! You’re amazing!!! :durtle_love:

I’m really glad that you’re still sticking around here because I consider you as a good friend already. And friendship means nobody gets left behind or forgotten!! Wait. Wait no, that’s ohana. blinks Pff No one here is gonna be left behind or forgotten anyway!!

WK Ohana :heart:

Right, well I’m only gonna get cheesier on this post from here on out so I should end it here.

おめでとう!!! :grin: :heart:

You’ve earned this user tag from me:

I was supposed to put “WK Life Advice Knight” but I didn’t know if it was good…and it’s too long haha.



I remember you joining after me and noticed that you were catching up to my level quite fast, so I buckled down to make sure I stayed ahead. Six months later, I’m 10 levels up and you’re at 60! Thanks life for the curve balls.

But good on you for your diligence and thanks for being an ever present, positive voice in this community! Looking forward to your cheat sheet guide, and maybe I’ll eventually join you at 60 … someday.

Cheers! :sake::champagne::clinking_glasses::tada:


Yay, congratulations! As @seanblue said, I remember when you were still below my level but you were going so fast! :exploding_head:

I’d love to take on more lessons as well but I know I wouldn’t be able to keep it up without eventually having a breakdown, so yeah… I’m definitely not envious of all those daily reviews you had to do, haha.

おめでとう!:tada: :confetti_ball: :champagne:


I was already wondering why you haven’t made a “Guys I’m level 60” thread. Almost thought I missed it. :see_no_evil: But congratz!

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