Move from one item to the next without the wiggly thing

Ok, so I have a - presumably totally idiotic - question: When I’m doing reviews, I use the return key to get from one item to the next. Every time I do that, the input field does the wiggly thing it normally does when you enter the “wrong” reading with a kanji (I get why it wiggles at that point). But this wiggling every single time when I hit return is really massively annoying me. Totally stupid, I know, but hey, probably everyone has those little things that just irrationally bug them. So, my question is: can I somehow switch that off, or how else do I move to the next item with keyboard only (I know I can use the mouse and click on the arrow, but I so much prefer using the keyboard only).

Thanks for any hints and for bearing with me with such a silly issue!


Hmm I don’t think I really know what you mean :thinking: I solely use the keyboard during reviews and use the Return/Enter key to move onto following items as well, but it shouldn’t be doing the wiggling every time, only if you were inputting an alternative reading for a kanji item if WK is looking for something else

Sometimes if you have multiple review sessions open in different tabs it can cause the constant wiggling, is that a possibility?

Sorry if I’m not quite understanding what you’re asking :see_no_evil:

Is it wiggling right when you get to a new item? You may be over-clicking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and in that case, just make sure to press Enter/Return only once after you’ve got the item marked right or wrong.

do you use any userscripts? deactivate them all and see if the problem persists. then at least you’d know if it’s because of one of the scripts.

edit: i think i once actually had that exact same issue because of interfering scripts. one would display maybe the SRS level after a correct answer or something, while another one wants to auto-forward, resulting in me having to press enter and then always seeing a wiggle

I think you might be hitting enter twice then. Or maybe your keyboard is somehow making WK think its hitting enter twice. It’s not supposed to wiggle every time.

Are you not able to move onto the next question because it’s always wiggling?

  • no userscripts
  • definitively only clicking once
  • it does move to the next item, only the empty box wiggles Right when it Comes up
    might be some keyboard settings indeed, but haven’t found the culprit yet…

I encountered this last week. Not sure which step fixed the issue, but I wanna say:

  • Force Page Refresh (CTRL-F5 in Chrome)
  • Restart the browser

If you need to escalate it further

  • Start clearing out cache/history

when it does wiggle, does it say anything (like it normally would if you, for example, put on’yomi instead of kun’yomi, etc.)?

Do you ever have multiple WK tabs/windows open at once? That’s usually the cause of the constant-wiggling issue.

If not, what OS and browser are you using for reviews?

Yeah, but in this case OP is able to move onto the next question. It seems like Enter is being hit twice somehow.

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nope, it says nothing. the empty box simply wiggles.

No other instances of WaniKani open this time. I use Windows 10 & Edge (need to try it on Chrome I guess…)

So it is an Edge issue / maybe browser refreshing / restart will solve it: I tried Chrome, and there it doesn’t do the “wrong” wiggle. Should have tried this first :woman_facepalming:t3: sometimes I just don’t see the most obvious…
Thanks for your help & ideas, folks!


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