Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


I was in Japan last week and picked up the word 店内. I’d never heard it before but knew what it meant instantly because I could picture the kanji in my mind as it was being said.

Me: ダブルエスプレソをお願いします。
Barista: 店内ですか?
Me: ええ、店内です。

I expect this to happen more and more as I advance once more through my (mostly forgotten) kanji.


A pedestrian mall in Japanese is 歩行者天国 (ほこうしゃてんごく)

歩行者 = pedestrian

天国 = paradise


戦線, meaning war front. My first new word from watching my new subscription of TV Japan.


せり出す to jut out; to protrude
轟く とどろく to reverberate; to roar
珈琲 コーヒー coffee

All from JLTP prep. I was quite surprised to discover there’s kanji for コーヒー, even if they are 当て字.


的外れ off the mark; off base. I’d recall it as “missed the point”

I’m struggling with 外れ on itself (definitely one of those pesky leeches on my end). While trying to understand the context of this word on Jisho, I found many instance of this particular phrase in the example sentences.


Why does this sound weirdly romantic?



y-you sound weirdly romantic!


Oh, you can’t even imagine! But wait, shall we make it real? :smirk:





ちやほや to pamper; to spoil
冷やかす ひやかす to tease


Are you watching Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu or something?



Tbh, I don’t know what made me search for that word :sweat_smile:


問い Question, query


I don’t want to find these words; these words find me :sob: :sob: :sob:



Wild (as in wild animal)

It makes sense when you think about it


I see them on a cafe window in a drama I rewatch all the time.


抜粋ばっすい - extract; excerpt; selection
導入どうにゅう - introduction; bringing in; leading in; installation
い - act; action; manner
破損 はそん - damage
まえ もって - in advance; beforehand; previously
てる - to assign; to set aside
返却 へんきゃく - return of something; repayment
閉口 へいこう - dumbfounded; stumped; at one’s wits’ end; nonplussed; annoyed
手順 てじゅん - process; procedure; sequence; protocol; instruction
途方とほう - way; destination; reason


This one makes a lot of intuitive sense.


咎める とがめる to blame; to censure
おっちょこちょい a careless person; scatterbrain


親 (おや): dealer, as in cards, not drugs. I just learned this kanji as “parent”. Then I saw it on a YouTube video about learning how to play Japanese Mahjongg. 親 has now been burned.