Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


裁量労働制(さいりょうろうどうせい) flexi-time, flexible working hours


風船ガム (ふうせんがむ) bubble-gum



Igo (waffles). It means “after this” but it also means waffles (to me).


沸かす(わかす)to boil (water)
that one tripped me up on JLPT4. I’m pretty sure I had heard or read it somewhere like 10 months ago, but now I won’t forget anymore, I think!


I like when I spot two kanji I know in the wild in a word I dont know, but can guess. The hospital I was in for work today had 吸引 connections on the inside walls.


wondered what 郎 is used for except cursing at people.
you can also insult them with it. that’s great. 受けた。


Most recent one I have learnt is: でんとうてき (traditional) was talking about proposals and marriage differences between Uk and Japan with my italki teacher.


リア充 which is the equivalent of “normalfag” in internet slang. An extreme abbreviation of リアル充実がしている = person who is fulfilled in real life.
And of course the opposite, 非リア充 .
I wonder why I haven’t learned this one before, it’s so cool. :smirk:


I just learned that WK もう “to say humbly” is actually the same verb used in “My name is…”


My name is Mike.

I didn’t know the と is a particle used with this verb, always thought it was part of the verb! :sweat_smile:

And I learned this from reading the example sentences, so yeah it’s definetely worth doing!


Poor kid whose name is 太郎. He’s in the first book of Minna no nihongo. His dad is 山田一郎, I believe. So the insult connection is not so close to the front of my mind.


太郎 and 花子 are the japanese equivalent of john/jane doe :slight_smile:


はらはちぶん or just はらはちぶん eating until 80% full

hara = stomach, hachi-bun = 8/10.

From Misa Sensei.

But when I searched this forum last night, I saw @MissMisc already posted about this in this forum though not focused on this new Japanese word I think. :thinking:


I just learned 鍵 (かぎ, key) and 見つける (みつける, to locate/discover) from a Japanese Youtuber playing Mario Maker. I guess listening pays off even if you only understand the occasional thing here and there.



Japanese specialized flip phones pre-2010. This led to an interesting entry on Galápagos syndrome which is essentially a metaphor for highly evolved/complicated products (particularly in Japan) that have very little flexibility internationally resulting in market isolation (name after Darwin’s Galápagos study of evolution).


I learned that 角 also means “antlers”.
I’m glad this was a manga I was translating, otherwise I’d have been wondering why they talked about cutting angles and why angles can poke your eye out. :sweat_smile:


Today I learned that Shizuoka basically means Silent Hill. It’s now up there with Origin of Bears for my favourite literally-translated place names.


とっきゅう (特急) or Limited Express train. Needless to say I missed my stop.


It would have been fun if the Silent Hill game series was born here… But no :sweat_smile:
I’ve just read it’s the birthplace of Hidetaka Miyazaki though, the guy behind the Dark Souls series, so still pretty good.


台本 meaning script.
I picked it up when I was watching Terrace House last night.


さじ or スプーン = spoon

But then さじを投げる is the equivalent of giving up or “to throw in the towel​”.

For some reason japanse people give up by throwing their spoons and not their towels :thinking:

then the first definiton for the phrase in the J-J dictionary is
(A doctor gives up patient that is no longer expected to get well)

I wonder if the expression has something to do with that, along the lines of throwing away the spoon with which the medicine was given… :open_mouth:

Anyway… my currents thoughts on japanese spoons :crazy_face: