Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


優越感 ゆうえつかん superiority complex

Learned this from a nihongonomori N2 kanji video. Highly recommend watching them! The way teach kanji is similar to WK but entirely in Japanese.

Spent most of the day studying and also learned:

口癖 くちぐせ way of saying, favorite saying (idk what would be the best translation)
地雷 じらい landmine
香水 こうすい perfume


やけ食い (やけぐい) - stress eating :durtle_the_explorer:



きらきら - sparkle onomatopoeia - it was an example sentence under the 光る on Wani Kani.



鼎 (かなえ a style of three-legged pot used in ancient China)

I was browsing Kanjipedia and thought this just looked like a cool kanji so I checked out the page.


可算名詞(かさんめいし) or just 可算(かさん)、which means “countable noun” and “countable” respectively. I’m an English teacher and needed to ask another teacher something, and I remembered that he had used it in class the other day so I looked it up.


Mine’s 揃う (そろう), which means to gather or to assemble. I play the Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2012 video game, and the manager says that to gather the players to announce the starting lineup. I keep accidentally pronouncing it サボる instead, which is to skip class or to be truant, which gives the sentence a much sillier meaning in context of a baseball video game.


regarding to learned and understood, i’d say one of my recent learned words are 日 and 月. sun and moon. ひ and つき. day and month. it’s refreshing to see how logical japanese can be.


引き継ぎ- ひきつぎ

Handing over your tasks to someone else, like when you’ve been working for six days in a row and you want to hang out with your girlfriend and so you give your coworkers all the information they need to do things by themselves but they still bother you on your day off anyway…


様変わり・さまがわり・changing completely


手袋(てぶくろ)I thought it means handbag as it is in Chinese but it’s bag for hands = glove, mitten. Japanese is so cute !


Similarly, I like how socks are 靴下(くつした). So literal!


It’s 下痢.
It means diarrhea​ and I had to learn it cos it’s N1 vocab. Epic.


I learned 下痢 when I wasn’t even N5 from Genki 1 (it’s in lesson 12 in the “Useful Expressions” section).

My most recent word is おなら (屁) - fart - from the first-grader’s “どうして?なぜ?” book I’m trying to read.


標準語 from a Japanese friend of mine.
“Standard Language” (like what people in Tokyo speak)


空気を読む - read the atmosphere meaning read between the lines, take a hint, go with the flow.

Not exactly a word but just saw this in an interview with 山中瑤子, writer and director of “Amiko”. She was saying how much she dislikes Japan. I want to watch this film !