Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


とかげ (蜥蜴) - lizard
I’ve been playing NieR: Replicant lately and I had to collect lizard tails…for an alcoholic beverage…doesn’t sound delicious but I’ve learnt a new word.


ダニ - tick

Which is probably useless because I hear there aren’t any ticks in Japan.


Inaka people visiting the (big) cities.


They have lots of ダニ though, so it won’t be useless if you live in a place with tatami mats.


芸能界 (げいのうかい). I learned it from my boyfriend. I was surprised that he couldn’t recognize Ishihara Satomi and he said that he isn’t interested in geinoukai…which made me look it up. Then the next day, it came up in my waikani lessons!


両親 (りょうしん) which means parents. I learnt it from a random Kanji learning app.


上京(じょうきょう) proceeding to Tokyo. Learned this from Sakurasou no Pet. Use for when some comes to Tokyo from the Inaka for business, travel or living I think.


I learned a phrase: さなぎの皮をめいで出てくるのです. Which basically means coming out of the skin of a coccoon.


水族館 すいぞくかん aquarium

No idea how I’ve gone so many years without bumping into this word before. Mind blown!


相応しい(ふさわしい) - worthy, fitting
I’ve heard this word a couple of times in anime and games but I saw it written for the first time while reading a web novel in Japanese. I know both kanji in the word and even the meaning of the word but couldn’t figure out how to read it until I looked it up.


I just learnt 旅行(りょこう)which means travel/trip/journey. I use jisho for researching vocab I need or just find interesting.


救助 (きゅうじょ): rescue

Listened on ep 57 of My Hero Academia.


外出中 “while being out of the office or away from home​”
I knew how to read this word, but I had no idea what the meaning was, it felt so weird since those are all low-level kanji.
It reminded me I’ll still need to learn a lot more vocab besides what they teach on WaniKani :hushed:


社長-company leader
learned via Wanikani :wink:


実家 (じっか) - one’s parents’ home​
実家暮らし (じっかぐらし) - living with one’s parents


鮒 (ふな) - crucian carp
薇 (ぜんまい) - royal fern
鳶 (とび) - black kite
I’ve been playing a lot 「NieR Replicant」 lately and boy, those side-quests surely teach you about flora and fauna haha…


New words from this evening’s listening practice:

気象庁 = (Japanese) Meteorological Agency
震度計 … (I don’t know in English, but it is like a seismometer)
地震計 = (seismometer)


施錠する(せじょうする)to lock something
脂汗(あぶらあせ)nervous cold sweat
From Higurashi


脳梅毒 (のうばいどく) which means cerebral syphilis​. I mistyped the word 農場 in jisho (typed with ba in the end), so it showed me the word 脳梅毒.


Well now I’ve learned that the Japanese word for syphilis is literally “plum poison” so that’s a new one.