Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


I learned it at about N3… around the same time as I learned 食中毒 because… I had 食中毒


You may also hear this as KY


矛盾(むじゅん)= contradiction; inconsistency

Was feeling down and tired from work and was told that 今やってる事とやりたい事が矛盾しているから落ち込んでる
“You are feeling down because the things you do now and the things you want to do/achieve are contradicting”


Some old words and some are new :). Once a started I wanted the set!

北半極 - Northern Hemisphere
北極点 - North Pole
北極圏 - Arctic Circle
北回帰線 - Tropic of Cancer​

赤道 - Equator
回帰線 - tropics (of Cancer and Capricorn)​

南半球 - Southern Hemisphere
南回帰線 - Tropic of Capricorn​
南極圏 - Antarctic Circle
南極点 - South Pole

経度 Longitude
緯度 Latitude
縦横 longitude and latitude (many meanings)



It’s not what it sounds like, but it’s all I can think of when I hear it.


currently learned words like:
mother 母 (はは)
father 父 (ちち)
older brother 兄 (あに)

i also know the word for older sister (あね), but haven’t learned the kanji yet ~

i learned that if you use these, you only refer to your own parents and siblings. talking about other ppls family should always be:
as far as i know you can also use these for your own family.

also learned the words for younger sister and younger brother:
does somebody know if these without san is for your own family and with san for other ppls family?


I learned 猫 looks like a large cat lazing by a fenced field. Also it’s slang is ぬこ. Also slang for bottom in bl. :sweat_smile: it’s burned in my mind


耳石 じせき

It’s a scientific term that isn’t very useful for 99% of people but happens to be useful for me.

It means otolith, which is a bone that acts as an ear in fish. Therefore, you have the kanji for ear and rock.

I study fisheries biology and will begin to do more research with otoliths soon at Tokyo University assuming all goes well with my application.


You can’t attach さん to いもうと and おとうと.


Sure you can. If you’re asking another person about their younger siblings, and you’re not close to them, it would be a bit rude not to.


Huh, well nevermind then I guess. I’ve always seen/heard it as just いもうと and おとうと and if さん was used then the sibling’s name was used with it.


I mean, I guess it’s slightly unusual to know a person has siblings, ask about some detail, and not know their name.

But it would be like

A: 妹は、一人います。私と同じように、大学生です。
B: そうなんですか。
(The conversation moves to something else)
A: 私は哲学専攻です。
B: いもうとさんは?
A: 物理学です。


獣医 meaning ‘Vet’.
It’s funny to me because I’m reading it as beast doctor and this is really amusing to me for some reason.


魔石 meaning ‘manastone’. It’s a term that pops up in Force of Will, a card game I play. It gets translated officially as magic stone, though most players just call them stones. I noticed it while setting up a decklist in gachalog, which just kind of autodefaults to Japanese now for me. I’m having to learn several of the words used in FoW in Japanese as a result, which is interesting.

覚醒 meaning ‘awakening’ I’ve learned too. Mostly because the deck uses a bunch of cards that have that keyword on it so it’s kind of hard to not notice.



!!! thank you for the link (i know it wasn’t supposed for me)! it’s a really good overview! especially with saying what’s rude or rare in use!


電声 = でんごえ = Electricity voice = thunder

Kinda obvious now that I see those two kanji together, and I;m kinda surprised that I have never come across this one before.


Do you have a link for that? I can’t find it anywhere


I got it from the Inktober prompt list, and cross-referenced it to the English.

Ah. That was actually the Chinese one. Well, today I learned a Chinese word. Thanks, Kanji!!


In Japanese, there’s 雷声 that means thunder, by the way :slight_smile:

Edit: I checked your link, and that’s also what the Chinese version is. :sweat_smile:
Careful not to get confused between 電 and 雷