Most recent Japanese word you've learned?


珊瑚 (サンゴ) coral


行動療法(こうどうりょうほう)Behavioural therapy


三日月 (みかづき) - Crescent moon
舞 (まい) - Dance


One the easiest kanjis to learn so far! The meaning is the same as the reading lol.


付箋(ふせん)= post-it note; sticky note

Very surprised this was not in katakana.


not the most recent word i’ve learned, but i didn’t know where else to put this…

父親 (ちちおや)Father… & 母親 (ははおや)When i first learned this word, i thought it was read ちちうえ・ははうえ because of all the period dramas, where they call their parents 父上・母上 i never saw it written down though, so i just assumed that it was written 父親・母親 when i saw those written down…

this ends my story


I just learned 末永く (すえながく). The phrase was 末永くを幸せに (すえながくをしあわせに). I’ve never heard that one before and I think it’s really beautiful. Someone was congratulating their friend on their wedding on instagram and used this phrase. :heart:


認める ( to recognise) and うざい (annoying, loud) and 卒業 (graduation) - all from Naruto vol 1. There’s a lot of words in Naruto I can now recognise as well but couldn’t write (or say), like the word for “important/secret scroll” or “exam”.

All very important vocabulary! Especially since I intend to read a bunch of light novels once I’m volumes deep in Naruto :slight_smile:


I thought the same when learning 西瓜 in Mandarin, cause it’s spelled the same way there. The Japanese just took the word from them, so you should go and complain to the Chinese :stuck_out_tongue:


襁褓 - diaper; each of the kanji means diaper too. So, when pelican is strong, it needs a diaper. And when pelican wants to preserve something, it also needs diaper. Strong pelican, preserving pelican, you definitely need a diaper!


通称(つうしょう)- commonly called

I encountered it in two different ressources in succession by chance and that made it stick.

Another crazy coincidence: I encountered 没落(ぼつらく)twice today (and never before) but I think the word is too rare and unwieldy for me to remember now.


八方美人 (はっぽうびじん) - everybody’s friend (often used derogatively)


Trained falcon


旗竿 (はたざお) - Flagpole
肋骨 (あばらぼね) - Rib


The other day I learned the word for echidna

針もぐら or ハリモグラ

Yes. Needle mole.


黄身(きみ) - egg yolk

Now every time I hear 君の名は I just think of scrambled eggs.


ぐすぐす ➞ Sniffling
Picked it up from the first ノラガミ book :slight_smile:


第一印象, dai ichi in shou, first impression

I picked it up watching one of Netflix’s Japanese reality shows, Rea(L)ove. The male contestants were asked 「第一印象で気になった女性は?」I love that you can find shows on Netflix and Amazon now that leave in the “screen kanji”.


omg I love that show


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Seriously though, it’s so great! I like the premise but I especially like the snarky, somewhat evil hosts. Tamura is always thinking the worst about people and shocking Yaguchi, sort of like an evil manzai duo (Yaguchi is the “straight” who reacts to Tamura’s “bokke” outrageous statements).