More than just a bit off, but i'll take it


What in the world have you been doing? Lol.

On a more serious note, though, should probably tag the @Mods to consider putting this on the block list, since it is technically coherent.

Edit: Changed to “consider” for block list, rather than just “put” it there.

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What ever happened to Salad Eaters nos. 1-6?


I wouldn’t put it on the block list though because it’s clearly just a typo for “to add”. s and d are right next to each other


That would completely depend on keyboard layout. That’s definitely true for QWERTY layouts, which are extremely common for English. But, since I don’t know what’s common for other languages, I’m not going to argue directly for or against this.

I’ll edit the original post to mean look at it as a possible candidate, as you do have a point.

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Hey @DelvinWolf! Thanks for the ping! I think ‘to ass’ would be an honest typo because I think most (if not all, hopefully) people would conclude that 足す doesn’t mean ‘to ass.’ You never know though! :laughing:

But yea, I think I will let this one slide! :sunglasses:

I think it’s better not to ask. :grimacing:

-Nick at WK


Given that this is the Kanji for “foot”, I’m glad that it doesn’t mean “to ass”.


‘To ass’

Coincidence? I think not :thinking:


If only it was this easy…

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Well, at least this means we now have a typo mnemonic :laughing: Just need to remember it’s a typo

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I’m dying over here! This is cracking me up, pardon the pun.


My knowledge of the Japanese language has been absolutely shattered. I am broken, shaking, and utterly alone in this moment.


There can only be one :smiling_imp:

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Hey, random q, but what’s your image from?

It’s from Nejimaki Kagyu!

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More like 尻す

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