Typos involving the letter N

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I frequently make typos where I double-tap N, as I do when I need an ん, and for most words that seems to be allowable. There are some words that it counts as a typo - for example, ‘fun’ (楽しい). I don’t know if this is about a certain percentage of the word being typed wrong, but if there’s a list of allowable typos, maybe double N could be added to it?



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I think there are only acceptable typos for the English meaning and never the Japanese reading.
There are scripts you can install but I don’t use any so I have no more info about that.
I re-read and tbh I’m confused about if you’re typing funn or tannoshi.

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Wanikani doesn’t accept “funn” as an answer because it doesn’t give any leeway on answers shorter than four letters.

It might be good if they added hidden synonyms for words like “fun” but you can add one yourself.


Oh, I see. I recently was marked incorrect with kan for 缶 (can) and I thought it was because the reading is かん but I had just made a typing error.
The synonym could be added by the user but my answer that the OP probably wasn’t looking for is to be more careful in the future.


Neither here nor there, but I kind of like getting them wrong when I mis-type them. It tells me that’s a tricky one to type and I should pay more attention to my fingers when that one comes up. I have some that when they come up, I immediately know the answer but my brain says Wait! Type that one carefully. :slight_smile:


I wondered if that might be the case. Might have to go with a synonym.

You’re right, I can honestly say I wasn’t looking for that :laughing: Double-tapping N is a habit I’ve developed as a result of typing Japanese words, so it’s only going to get worse if I continue.

I could accept that, but I just don’t feel like learning words that end in an N in English more thoroughly than the rest is useful to me :upside_down_face: That and avoiding typos is often not possible when you’re typing quickly (I have said that my drag queen name would be Bes Twishes because I always mistype that). I’d have to type one letter at a time to avoid doing it, which would be e.x.c.r.u.t.i.a.t.i.n.g.

And as you can see, I can’t spell if I type things slowly :grin:


Synonyms are the way to go, especially with complicated words, like 憲政, けんせい, constitutional government, I can’t spell for a free donut sometimes, so I added constutus govnetn as a synonym, it’s great, also with words like fun, where you might write fub, or fuj, or even fum for you qwerty people, even with the ability to correct wrong answers it’s annoying not knowing how to use a keyboard anymore


I’m of 2 minds about this. On one hand, if you look at the thread dedicated to the worst typos that WaniKani has accepted, why shouldn’t a typo like “funn” be accepted? Why not allow minor typos for shorter words? On the other hand, I don’t think WaniKani should be more lenient with user errors. Once in a conversation with Sutho, he told me WaniKani is too dogmatic and inflexible but I don’t agree!! I don’t think WaniKani should be more accepting with typos. Maybe they can allow typos for shorter words so that kan instead of can or funn instead of fun can go through, but make the typo allowance stricter in other ways. But I haven’t noticed funn being a common problem that people talk about on the forums.

Well this is the only one I’ve thought about raising in the forums, and it’s largely because, were it another word (a longer one), it probably wouldn’t hold me back. The purpose of the software is to learn the words. If you know them, it doesn’t matter at all that you can’t type them properly!
I’ve been using KaniWani to learn them in reverse as well (very helpful - it also allows me to recall the writing of the kanji) and you can ignore a mistake. I just think if you’re paying money to learn something, why would you half-arse it just because you could?

Excruciating was the correct spelling so funny enough, you’re again off by one single character!

Sorry - I didn’t know this thread was almost 11 months old, Discourse suggested it, and I’m on mobile so it didn’t warn me either…


Yeah, typical, huh!?
Don’t worry about it - I often resurrect old threads and I’ve yet to hear anyone complain about it!

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