Monolingual dictionaries

To those of you that have switched to just monolingual dictionaries or know about any, what do you use? I want to try making the switch but I don’t know of any or where to find them.


Have you read this The Best Japanese Dictionaries: A Guide by Kim Ahlstrom?


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I use the program Qolibri. It’s a reader for epwing files (old format for CD-ROM dictionaries, mostly discontinued, but still found on the web).

Having several dictionaries at your disposal in the same search it’s great. Specially because some of those will have more difficult deffinitions for a given word, some will have synonyms and antonyms, example sentences, pitch accent, etc.

I tried several months ago to go monolingual for my vocab and sentece cards, but even with sanseido was no possible (besides it’s very lacking once you start putting more specific vocab); this time coinciding with an improvement in my reading skills I wanted to check again… and not very surprinsingly … the more you read, the easier is to jump into japanese deffinitions.

Actually I’ve been doing the monolingual routine for only 3 weeks, but it is becoming quite a pleasurable activity (to my amusement :smile:) … I get so much related vocab for any given word, get much more of the nuances, etc…

I’ll probably post about it when it’s a more mature routine.

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Thanks, I read through that and because of their explanations on the types of dictionaries I was able to look it up myself. The first 2 links were for iOS apps but I was able to find both one for Android and one on the web too :slight_smile:

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