Where to download a Japanese to Japanese dictionary?

I think I’m still months away from being able to reason about a Japanese to Japanese dictionary smoothly, but I want to get one so I have it for when I’m ready. Does anyone know where I can get a Japanese to Japanese electronic dictionary (free or paid)?

I went to the google play store on my phone (I live in Japan, but still have access to the American store) and just searched 国語辞書 and several apps came up.

I forgot to mention that I’m looking for my Windows computer. I’m asking here to get what I consider reputable recommendations as opposed to random recommendations on Google.

Is there a reason it needs to be a program and not just a Japanese dictionary website?

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There’s something I want to try with an extension that requires a local EPWING format dictionary. That aside I’m perfectly fine with using an online dictionary. I just wanted to see what I could find out.

This doesn’t help you specifically, but for others in this thread, macOS/OSX dictionary.app comes with a J->E and a J->J dictionary, which you can enable in it’s preferences.

Then, just about anywhere in the OS, you can highlight a word, and deep click or right-click/look-up anything. The English translations are generally quite succinct, but enough to get an idea.

I’ve used what I assume is the same thing on my iPhone. It’s pretty nice from the little I’ve used it.