Missing vocab

I have just completed lessons from level 11 and started lessons from level 12. I use the default lesson ordering (ascending level then subject).

However, according to idigtech, there are two vocab left over from level 11 that I haven’t studied:
心持 and 相図

On the other hand, I don’t see them listed under level 11 in the WK android app.

Any thoughts on what could have happened?

Thank you all

Looks like the stats site is wrong. Firstly, it’s 心持ち, not 心持.
心持 is not a word.

As for 相図, it looks like WK might have changed over to 合図, which is the more common way to write it, though I remember learning 相図.

I’m not sure how the stats site handles updates to WK.

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@rfindley maybe you want to have a look at this

Apparently, there was a change to WK at some point. All of the vocab on the stats site were extracted in an automated fashion, but updates are not automated. I’ll make the update in a few hours.

Thanks for tagging me, @Kumirei!

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心持 is an acceptable form for 心持ち
sources: jisho, weblio 英和辞典, Goo


Thank you all and especially @rfindley for the fix

I fixed about 6 things that WK changed. If you don’t see the updates immediately, do a hard refresh (Ctrl-F5).

Great - that has fixed it!

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