Complete list of immediately unlocked Vocabulary words/items after Level Up [as of 02.21]

Hi everybody,

everytime after level up, all the Radicals of the new level, roughly two thirds of the Kanji and some of the Vocabulary get immediately unlocked. However, the exact number of Vocabulary items that gets unlocked cannot be calculated and differs from level to level.
Below I listed for every level the number of Vocabulary items that are available as soon as you unlock the level. For anyone that wants to see which words those exactly are, I’ve attached a pdf.

Why would anybody be interested in these numbers? Imagine you’re a few days before level up. You know that the earliest you can guru any of the Kanji in the coming level will be after day 4 (on the new level). Therefore on the first 4 days of any level you can only learn the Vocabulary that got available as soon as you leveled up + the Vocabulary you hadn’t already learned from the previous level. Now imagine you are 2 days before level up and you have still 30 Vocabulary items to learn. You might think: Easy! For the next 6 days I’ll learn 5 words each. But then level up hits you with with 40 new words. The opposite case might also be true. You cram in those 30 lessons on your last two days and then level up only gives you 1 new Vocabulary word. To avoid those cases I compiled this list, so that everybody who likes a steady schedule can plan ahead.

I plan on adding the number of Kanji of the first wave (and which ones they are) in the future. I decided to already release this post, because it took me long enough and from my perspective knowing the number of available Kanji is by far not as important as the number of Vocabulary words.

One last thing: This list is not 100% correct (probably). For several reasons I had to use the vocab lists from the old WK Stats site, which are slightly outdated. There might be a few cases where the number I state is off by 1 (or more). If you notice after level up, that I did not indicate the correct number, please tell me! I would be very grateful. When you click (after level up) on LevelsThe Level you’re at you can see the number of vocab items already unlocked.
I will try to update this list as regularly as possible - I’m keeping an eye on all content updates.

Levels 01 - 10 快 PLEASANT

Level 1: 0/40 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 2: 1/80 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 3: 7/70 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 4: 13/112 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 5: 11/124 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 6: 20/125 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 7: 29/105 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 8: 35/134 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 9: 20/120 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 10: 22/122 :heavy_check_mark:

Levels 11 - 20 苦 PAINFUL

Level 11: 44/134 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 12: 33/134 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 13: 26/120 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 14: 44/119 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 15: 21/100 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 16: 22/115 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 17: 16/134 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 18: 35/130 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 19: 16/108 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 20: 20/114 :heavy_check_mark:

Levels 21 - 30 死 DEATH

Level 21: 26/107 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 22: 25/118 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 23: 23/102 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 24: 26/126 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 25: 18/104 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 26: 27/124 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 27: 28/107 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 28: 27/117 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 29: 32/110 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 30: 18/101 :heavy_check_mark:

Levels 31 - 40 地獄 HELL

Level 31: 22/110 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 32: 26/118
Level 33: 18/101
Level 34: 26/121
Level 35: 23/101
Level 36: 20/100
Level 37: 23/117
Level 38: 27/103
Level 39: 19/103
Level 40: 21/121

Levels 41 - 50 天国 PARADISE

Level 41: 20/115
Level 42: 18/98
Level 43: 12/113 :heavy_check_mark:
Level 44: 26/105
Level 45: 15/98
Level 46: 12/106
Level 47: 12/94
Level 48: 7/105
Level 49: 18/108
Level 50: 13/88

Levels 51 - 60 現実 REALITY

Level 51: 4/80
Level 52: 1/98
Level 53: 18/104
Level 54: 20/115
Level 55: 7/76
Level 56: 12/88
Level 57: 11/93
Level 58: 15/76
Level 59: 15/84
Level 60: 12/65

PDF of the complete list (will be updated not as often):


This is super helpful thank you! Particularly since I always go completely full speed, this will help indicate when I have an easy or more rough level ahead.

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Thanks for the comment! I’m actually surprised to hear that people who go full speed can use this, too. I would have thought the opposite, since I thought you always do all lessons as soon as they become available.

I do do them all immediately, but it lets me know “oh boy, I’m going to have a lot of lessons next level up” or “oh, not so many” so I can plan the day appropriately.

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Yeah, I see.

Awesome list!

haven’t guru’d anything from lvl 24 yet.


Thank you so much! I’ll look into it immediately!

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But this depends on the number of kanji you Guru’d. It can vary a lot since you need to get 90% right to level up and the number of vocab items per kanji differs.

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That’s not (necessarily) true. I’ve looked into it and most of the “immediatly unlocked Vocabulary” are composed of Kanji that are at least 2 levels old. There might be exceptions, but they would be very rare (when a Kanji has vocab in the following level, that vocab is usually composed of one of the Kanji of that level as well). I didn’t look at every single case, but in my opinion this factor does not have a lot of impact. I presume that generally the only Kanji you haven’t guru’d yet are the ones that make up the last 10% of the previous level. Even if there was one of them among them, that has a vocabulary word in the next level independent from the Kanji of the next level, this number would be at most 1 or 2, I believe.


Ohhh that’s why I hit such a huge wall in level 14


Hmm, yeah, it’s a bit different now with the “fast” levels.

Really? I’m sorry, if that’s the case. But at least for the first ~30 levels, I think this list proves fairly accurate. And even if you have a lot of the needed Kanji still in apprentice (due to fast levels or otherwise) I think it can be already very helpful to just know the maximum amount of vocab that can possibly await you. This post is really just an attempt to get a better idea of this number, which is, as of now, quite unpredictable. If I notice at one point that the numbers will differ a lot from what I predicted, I’ll will mention it in the post accordingly.

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I found the three culprits:

  • 値札

  • 半袖

  • 長袖

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Aww that’s nice of you to assume that I don’t have leeches from 4 levels ago knocking around in apprentice. lol :wink:

But seriously though, that’s a pretty good resource. Cheers.


Since I can only edit the opening post only so often (I believe), I will now post any updates in comments like this, once I have about ten updates I will integrate them in the OP.

So, update for level 14: 44/119; 試合 was missing

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As far as I am aware you can edit a post however much you want, although only up to 50 times a day


I see. Is there any sort of list where the different trust levels and what they can do is written down? When I was still one trust level below member, I got the message that I can only edit a post “a few times”. So that’s why I thought that.

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Well, there it says that you can’t edit a post after 30 days. But that’s not true for WK. Some other functions have been altered by the WK team as well. So was looking for something made by them.

Level 27 is 28/107, rather than 32/107. Guess they removed some vocab?

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