List of vocab sitting at each level

Hello! Is there any way to generate a list of all the kanji/vocab you have sitting at a particular level (apprentice, guru, etc.)? Thanks!

Depends on what kind of “list” you’re looking for. In WK itself there’s

Plus there’s which can show you all kinds of statistics.

The not-quite-finished wkstats page is probably your best bet - go to the Items tab and select Wanikani, then you can play around with the configuration to get it to show you pretty much exactly what you want.

I’ve got mine set so the current lvl is at the top (with all lvls above hidden) and locked and burned items hidden. This lets you see what items are lined up for your upcoming lessons as well as which ones are working their way through the SRS.


The old/current wkstats should be fine for this too though :wink:

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Oh, that is great! Thanks, I’ll try that.

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The downside of the old site is that rads / kanji / vocab are each on their own separate pages so you have to toggle among them and cannot see them all together like on the new site.

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