Minna no Nihongo Shokyu 1 & 2 - Table of contents


I need to do some course selection for my Japanese studies and it is unclear to me, which grammar topics are studied in which book/course. I have studied with different books previously, v

Would someone be so kind and post pictures of table of contents of both books, Minna no Nihongo Shokyu 1 and 2? I could not find these online.

Thank you beforehand if someone can help!


I do not have the books but there is a Filipino youtuber that covers the vocabulary and grammar topics. Maybe look her up to get ideas?

I can get pictures of the table from Shokyu 1, do you want it from the Japanese book or the English one?

Summary of topics in Shokyu 1 (found in the translation guide from 2 - I can get the ToC from 1 if you prefer)


And Shokyu 2 (let me know if you need the English one - it’s just a bunch more pages) -


Wow! Thank you so much!! Never imagined that help would be given so quickly and easily. This was a great help.

Also, thank you for the idea of also using Youtube. Don’t know why I didn’t think that myself.

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