Regarding Minna no Nihongo Chukyu I & II Edition

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I’m about to finish Minna no nihongo Shokyu II (Second Edition) and I’m already thinking about getting the next book in the series. However, there’s something I don’t fully understand. This is how the Minna no Nihongo Chukyu I books look like:

They have the old style Minna no nihongo cover. I have also taken a look at the publisher’s website. It’s the same thing everywhere.

My questions are…

Did they only release a second edition for the first elementary level books (shokyu I & II)?
Do they plan to reissue the intermediate level books too?
Is there anyone here who used the second edition elementary books and now is using the old edition intermediate books?
Any comments about your experience?

Thanks in advance for your kind help! :checkered_flag:


I was also wondering about that topic recently.

Yes. Demand for the chuukyuu series is not so high that a second edition is feasible.

There are lot of practical exercises, a lot more grammar points per chapter, and a lot less prsctice exercises per grammar point. Also a lot more vocab per chapter (about 130 new words).

I use them in a classroom setting. I was able to easily work ahead and catch up to increasingly higher level classes (the shool I go to makes it really easy to switch between classes) with the shokyuu books, but when I made the leap from about shokyuu chapter 40 to chuukyuu chapter 16, I found it really hard to go through book 3 on my own. But also, this was not a big deal, because the grammar doesn’t build on itself anymore. Now the class I left at chapter 40 reached chuukyuu 1, so I get those grammar points formally through that class. Though you do pick up a lot along the way.


That definitely helped to make things clear. Thank you :slight_smile:!

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Do you know how the Shin Nihongo no Chuukyuu textbook compares with the Minna no Nihongo Chuukyuu textbooks?

No idea, sorry! I’ve only studied with the Minna no Nihongo books.

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After I finish the MnN elementary books, I’m considering using a combination of Chyuukyuu + Tobira and am wondering if that would be a good fit.

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