Minna no nihongo translation and grammar

Next week I will attend a new Japanese class in my university and they use Minna no Nihongo as textbook (I & II). Do you think it’s possible to study on it without buying the “Translation and Grammar” book? Consider I already studied on my own on Genki I and I have already bought Genki II.
Thanks to everyone who will answer :slight_smile:


I used the Minna no Nihongo books, and I didn’t even know there was a Translation and Grammar book. :joy:
I found it simple enough, and since you will have a teacher, there shouldn’t be a problem. :slight_smile:


I second @Kazzeon, i also have a copy of both books and they’re easy to follow and understand.

Minna no Nihongo are actually a collection of books per level



Thank you both, I also have japanese people I can ask question if I don’t understand something. That’s 4000 yen saved xd

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I do think that the translation book is worth it for 4000 JPY (or around 30 EUR). However, I could also argue that it’s a waste of money.

The translation book consists of these items per chapter:

  • vocab and translation of vocab (you can use WK or Jisho for this)
  • translation of sentence patterns, example sentences, conversation (the teacher will probably translate this for you)
  • useful words & information (this is the only thing you’d be missing, including stuff such as proverbs or cultural information)
  • grammar notes (again, the teacher will explain you this; or you can use Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar)

Hi, how did you get the PDF version of this book? I’m interested in acquiring it myself.

Have them scanned at college. There is a big library only for languages where I studied.


I used Minna no Nihongo for class as a beginner and had no problems figuring out what I needed to do. My teacher also only spoke Japanese and no English, but it still wasn’t an issue.

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