Bunka Shokyu Nihongo textbooks

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Does anyone have any experience with the Bunka Shokyu Nihongo textbooks?

(There is also a SlideShare file of the first book, which I won’t link as per community rules – but if you’re curious, you can Google). :eyes:

I came across them in my local library (with audio). Has anyone used them, could recommend them, or otherwise have advice? They’re Japanese only (so like Minna no Nihongo) but unlike the Minna series, seem much more approachable – lots of colour, photos, etc.

I’ve already started learning grammar and am back at WK after a longgggg break. I’m now looking for a textbook series I can work through. I did look through Genki, but I wasn’t crazy about it and I’m not sure I want to use it as my main resource.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts! :innocent:

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I had to buy it for my Japanese Studies BA degree course at Uni, it’s the book we’ll use the first year of studies before moving on to とびら.

As far as I could tell, it looks very approachable although I guess it would be more difficult to work through on your own without a teacher or some other kind of guidance than say げんき, since it apparently doesn’t have any English supplementary material like みんなの日本語.

There’s, however, a supplementary workbook I haven’t bought yet but I believe it’s gonna be Japanese only as well.

I started with げんき and quite enjoy the explanations in English. But if you would like to immerse yourself more in the language, then go for it.

Otherwise I haven’t found any information on 文化しょきゅ日本語 on the internet. Apparently more of a lesser used resource for some reason :thinking:

Ah, I see – thanks for your input :blush:

I noticed this, too. I think I’ll give them a go and see how I get on.

(Side note – love your username :no_mouth: )

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