Meiryo font $129?

My work updated the computers to Windows 10 and now the wanikani font is all thin and I dislike it. I searched the Internet for fixes, blaming it on a Windows 10 setting. Then I came here and searched and it looks like it’s because I no longer have the Meiryo font? The solution I found in an old thread said to download a language pack, but I don’t seem to have that option. Windows says ‘a language pack isn’t available’ when I add Japanese.

So I was going to see if I could grab Meiryo directly, but it looks like Microsoft wants to charge me $129 for it?!

Do I have any other options? Is there a similar font that maybe I do have or can get for free?

Believe me, upgrading to Windows 10 was not something I agreed with!

I think that’s because the fonts are bundled with something like Windows 7/8, so the price it lists is probably the cost of the OS.

There are probably other fonts you can find for free, but I wouldn’t know where to find them unfortunately.

There are several free EPSON fonts that are good, and I also like nagayama_kai. I don’t use them as my primary font though. I use them with Jitai for more varied reviews.


This is from April… does it work for you?

Also, keep in mind that web pages specify a list of fallback fonts. On Wanikani, I think Yu Gothic may be higher on the priority list than Meiryo, so if both are present on your system, it will still use Yu Gothic. But there are scripts you can use to change your font priority on Wanikani.

edit: (just need to change the specified font)

If you use Chrome you can download the Font Changer extension. It allows you to set default fonts per website without the need for font installation. I use it for Memrise to make the font larger / easier to read. ^^

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Did you install the extra Japanese fonts?

  • Click Start > Settings .
  • In Settings, click Apps , click Apps & features , and then click Manage optional features .

Meiryo is part of that set.

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