I dl'd the Japanese Language Pack for Win10 and the WaniKani font changed?

After some experimentation, I believe the Japanese on the website used to be displayed for me in ‘Yu Gothic’ and now all I see is ‘Meiryo’. The difference is especially noticeable with ふ and り. Can I change it back somehow without outright deleting the ‘Meiryo’ font?

Related sidenote: Is there a way to get Japanese Language Pack to work properly with a QWERTZ keybord layout? I keep typing ず instead of ゆ and vice versa.

Assuming you know German (I guess QWERTZ is only used in German speaking countries?), this should help with your y/z problem:

At least for me this method worked (on Windows 8.1).

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That’s some next level computer wizardry, but it worked :smile:

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