Meaning of the πŸ… emoji

I was watching a youtuber streaming when his audio cut out, everyone in the chat started spamming θžγ“γˆγͺγ„γ€ιŸ³γͺい etc but there were also a lot of tomato :tomato: emojis. I can’t figure out why at all, nothing I’ve searched has provided anything related to this. The best I can guess is it’s related to 歒まる in some way. Does anyone know if this is a common thing online, and where else it can be applied to?


I found this:

So it seems to come from 歒まった β†’ tomatta β†’ tmt β†’ γƒˆγƒžγƒˆ

主に、 γƒ‹γ‚³γƒ‹γ‚³η”Ÿζ”Ύι€γ«γ¦ζ˜ εƒγ‚„ιŸ³ε£°γŒζ­’γΎγ£γŸιš›γ«δ½Ώγ‚γ‚Œγ‚‹γ€‚


Ah thank you!! That answers it perfectly.


I’ve never seen this, but I thought it was going to be about throwing rotten tomatoes on stage when the public disagrees with a production! Glad it wasn’t so mean spirited after all.


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