Meaning of 載る

Could someone explain to me why the meaning I wrote is being accepted if it’s not in the item’s list of accepted meanings?
Did Wanikani change the meaning of the vocab item at some point? I don’t remember ever learning that this is “to be placed on”

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Items can have hidden accepted meanings.

This item was changed on January 4th: Thursday January 4 2024 Content Updates

The reason they would do this is if they decided that the “to be published” meaning was not common enough for beginners to learn, and that other meanings are more important. However, it remains on the hidden list for people who have already learned the prior used meaning.


‘To be published’ is pretty similar to ‘to appear (in print)’

Also, “publish” is one of Jisho’s listed definitions for the 載 kanji itself. The last one, though, after “1044”. :slightly_smiling_face: