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Hey guys, why is this meaning considered an error? With other vocab lilke “1 day”, “1 month”, there’s no problem using a “1” instead of typing out “One”, but here it complains. Is there a specific reason or is this just inconsistency?


The WaniKani system accepts answers that are “close enough”. The risk with accepting numbers like that is that it would also accept “2 thousand yen”, “10 thousand yen”, etc. I think at this point they might have a way to handle it in some special way, but I don’t remember for sure. If you’re saying they already handle this well for “1 day” and “1 month”, hopefully they can handle this one too.


They definitely accept numbers for days, things, months (probably others but I’m new), but apparently not for this one. This is the reason why I posted this to begin with. I’m a programmer so it struck me as odd that there may not be an automatic conversion implemented between a “1” and “one”. Leads me to believe that they might actually keep lists of acceptable answers for kanji, vocab, etc. I was more curious if the actual meaning of the vocab had something special about it, I don’t actually expect WK to understand all input perfectly. This is such a simple case that it made me wonder.

I think they accept numbers nowadays. They probably keep a list, like they do with their blacklist.

@nenchev I’d recommend emailing them to :slight_smile: They tend to take care of these things much faster through email.

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I always add synonyms during lessons in a 2nd tab, especially items with numbers. Not every synonym is going to be there and not all of them will work for how you speak.

There’s a whitelist as well as a blacklist. For example, the April 17th 2020 update lists:

So, the Kanji page for 近くlists near, neighborhood, vicinity, nearly, and shortly explicitly but it will also accept “close” as a correct answer. 近く is also on of the words where they whitelist non-US spelling such as “neighbourhood”.

Agreed, though “1” and “one” aren’t synonyms. I’m strictly talking about the numbers. Of course I don’t expect WK to know and handle every single synonym.

I should clarify… I test all of the numbered items in lessons first before I add them as a synonym. As a whole, it’s probably pretty low on their list to go through and add a bunch of numbers for reviews. As long as it is too, always typing out the long answer will net you the correct answer, at least.

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