My answer was a bit off... just a bit

So I know that WK is good when it comes to ignoring typos and such but I’ve never experienced it to be this lenient

Lol. I noticed after I typed it and I was like “hold on a minute… this ain’t right.”

Anyways just something to be addressed I suppose. @viet you here anywhere?


Hahahah omg! I swear seeing it in green made me go “Oh that’s correct, right?” for a second.

If you send that pic to they’ll love you forever I’m sure :wink:

This is why I always use No Cigar.


yup, because of this issue I actually burned the word 思わず thinking it means “intentionally.”


That’s… very ironic that you’d unintentionally burn “unintentionally” as “intentionally.” Good good.




I think I saw something about WK accepting answers that would match the correct meaning with up to three changes. So since “next month” and “last month” only differ by three letters, it would only need three changes to make it correct, so it marked it as correct since it was apparently close enough. Very amusing in this case that the answer was so opposite in meaning from what it should have been, though. :grin:


I ran into the same issue with big voice and low voice. Send it to Viet and i’m sure they will take action to change it, Normally the coding does just fine, its when it runs into these cases it has issues.

Yeah, like others said, it’s because it’s only a 3 character difference. I think it’s time for me to start using “Close, but no Cigar”! :joy:

Installing it now…

It was weirdly lenient to me with this,

Young girl wasn’t accepted but you know, long lady is close enough :grimacing:

(also please don’t ask how I typed that in the first place I type toooo fast)


And that’s what I’m calling my students from now on.

“Put that phone down, long lady!”


It isn’t three characters. Take a short answer and get one letter wrong and you can be incorrect. It’s most likely levenshtein distance.

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Well, you was right in 50%, you know =)

Well, Levenshtein distance is almost the same as number of wrong letters, so probably it’s something more complex, like (Levenshtein distance / length of the correct answer).

we’ll probably create a manual blacklist for similar words that can be marked correct (older sister, younger sister, for example), but it’s a little ways down the list. For now, just uh… tank yourself the next time you see it if you accidentally get it right by putting in the wrong thing. It’s good for you, I promise


five things - nine things is probably another bad one.

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