Wanikani API is so confused by my account

I vary between 100s and 1100 days on my reviews. Probably because of my reset, but I’d expect the system to handle that better. Doesn’t honestly matter, but it is a bit buggy. Also do all reviews via allicrab mobile app. I’m actually level 20 atm.

What is it that is actually the issue?

The level showing up on the forum is a pretty common bug. Just log out and back into the forum and it will display correctly.

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Logging out of the forums and back in solves the level problem I believe.

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When viewing my data for next level time or previous level times on various statistics sites, the data is quite wrong. I can post my API number if this could help. My account is quite old if that matters.

Don’t post your API.

But are you using the new versions of the API and stats site?

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Did an allicrab logout and back in. Maybe part of the issue is here. Ah this fixed the forum level issue as predicted.

Current level time still reports 1110 days though, which isn’t close to correct :wink:

Are you on the new version of the stats site with your APIv2? I don’t know the link off the top of my head.

The new WK stats site is here. Perhaps try that one and see if the issue persists?

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This was the site I was using. Version 1 api key has the “interesting” stats. Version 2 key doesn’t seem to work there.

What are you seeing for the version 2 key that doesn’t seem to work?

The wkstats thread had a discussion explicitly about handling accounts with resets.

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Says invalid key format. I retry my cut and paste, but a straight use doesn’t seem to work. Yeah not good. Do I need to remove the dashes or perhaps should I regenerate my version 2 key again because my account is quite old, perhaps the format changed?

Great… how do I find that thread?

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Ok that version does seem to show correct stats, though it still has the promised dead links. Ok, could to know that everything is working.


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The old version of the stats site had to guess when you leveled up, which his why the level durations were not always accurate. With APIv2 it is now explicitly stated when you leveled up. The v2 stats site is not finished yet.

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